Monday, 30 January 2012

946 hours listed!


well im alot happier since i last wrote on here! as i said though very rare for me to be in that type of mood!

Havn't been as well recently. i know i havent put much weight on, and once i get like this its so hard to get it back up quickly my stomach feels like its strunk and i constantly feel sick! getting quite a few chest pains now and then...catches me and feels like im being stabbed or someones got there hands on each side of the lungs and squeezing them!! its horrible!..im definatly pushing my body, its in need of i.vs. however i dont feel like im in desprite need for them so in true george style i will wait, i have a few things i am doing before i can comit to a 2 weeks of hospital admission. which brings me to why i am also alot happier at the moment
  1. i have all the girlees over for a sleepover on saturday night for daisys birthday....as i cant go out clubbing shes decided to do this!!- proper best mate to think of me on HER birthday!!
  2. i am going to Olly Murs concert with lee on sunday! which i cant wait!! i love olly murs :)
  3. and lastly i am going to watch celebrity juice with mickey and lee on the following wednesday!! cant wait as i LOVE that show!!! really hope theres some good celebs on there...fingers crossed may even get to meet them....il have to find out whos gna be on thre and get tweeting to them!! so best make sure i get all dressed up and look pretty! defo need to buy some lashes for the occasions and get fake tanned up!! will look like the most glamorous person in a wheelchair haha!! whoop
so quite an exciting week coming! finally...feels nice to be doing something! last few weeks just felt really bored with life, had nothing to look forward to, had nothing to plan! feel so ristricted these days but not now, all positive again!

also i have a bit of a problem at the moment....my redbull addiction is back!! i dont know whats wrong with me, i crave it so bad when its not around, im having at least 3 a day...its so expensive too!! and when anyone drinks mine from the fridge i go into complete panic! need to break it, but its so hard!! feel like a drug addict!! lol

one thing iv learnt about myself recently is i dont realise how ill i am sometimes...i have a natural reaction to say yeah im fine, when reallyim awfull, i hate to dwell on how ill i am and hate to make a fuss! even at my stage now i still act like im fine!
i have also learnt some new names for things...like i often get chest pains but just ignore them and dont make a fuss and apprantly there called plurity or something lol you'd think after living with Cystic Fibrosis all my life i would know little things like this! lol but nope im oblivious...

anyways all for now, il continue to wait for my new life and hope a donor becomes avaliable soon! want a life back!

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