Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Proper Blogging Begins

Right so now i offically started this blog i can start writing on a daily basis, il write a little bit of whats happened since i have been listed.

i had to start the iron tablets which i did before xmas, however my body decided it doesnt like them!
i started getting really bad stomach pains and was being sick, which for me all my sickness had calmed down so i get really anti at taking anything thats going to affect that- obviously this was a hard one to mess about with as my iron levels are low, and i was told by harefield i needed to be on them whilst waiting.

i spoke to georgie my lovely doctor at the brompton when i had my clinic appointment just after xmas and told her the situation so she suggested lowing the dose of the tablets and to come in once every 3 months for an iron infusion.... i just wanted to do anything to stop this sickness as i had already dropped my weight from 40kg to 38/39kg again :(

so i had my infusion on the 9th january. was so odd, it looked like coca cola in an infusion bag!

so was told after i had this i had to wait 3 days before i started taking the new iron tablets. so i did, and my sickness is slightly better but still getting the odd stomach cramps and havent got my appetite back completely yet, but i think im a bit scared as stupid as it sounds, after the whole peg experiance and havign such an issue with sickness, i think i almost convince myself im feeling sick soemtimes even weather i am or im not.... think i need to mention this to the doctors before i loose or cant stablise my weight, the last thing i want is something so stupid like my weight to stop me from getting my chance of a new life, esp after all the hard work iv done getting my weight back up!
just on going hassle....i would kill to be over weight and have to diet!!

so chest wise recently i have a pattern occuring...i seem to get quite bad in the evenings. no idea why. it can happen even if ive spent the whole day in bed being lazy or iv been out for the day with my mum. and getting to sleep at night time seems to be a battle with my lungs... my body and my eyes want to sleep but my lungs have other plans! so every time i attempt to lay down or get settled i begin to have a coughing fit! in the end i become so exhausted from couhging i just dose off!

iv had a good day today with my chest, was quite supprised how long i lasted out, we left the flat at 9.30-10ish and didnt get back til 8 this evening! i think it will catch up on me tomorrow though- fingers crossed it doesnt and i have a good day!

right thats me done for today off to attempt my night of getting to sleep.

btw 637 hourse listed!! (26 days, 13 hours, 10 minutes lol not counting tho)

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