Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Would I Be Listed??

I had been told I would get a phone call on the Thursday 15th December 2011 and so I did from mandy (tx nurse) it was good news they were happy to list me, just have to make sure I put on more weight and get started on some iron tablets. Was over the moon and glad nothing was going to hold things up! She asked me bout the dentist though as I had to get the all clear from them before they could complete the paperwork, we had managed to get an emergency appointment the following Tuesday.

So Tuesday came, I saw my dentist, my teeth were in good condition apart from the fact I needed to see hygienist to learn how to floss and they were a bit gruby.

So rung harefield later in the afternoon to let them all no I was cushtie and when would I no when I would officially be on the list…I was then told I need a letter from the dentist to confirm I was ok before they could do paperwork (it wasn’t brian I spoke to) just seemed to always be something, never straight forward. Rung dentist got them to do a letter but they didn’t have a fax!! Arghhhh

Spoke to brian on the Wednesday  he said not to worry just put it in the post and he will get it all sorted cause I was all ok, he couldn’t do it that day but he said Thursday he would do everything and ring me to let me no when I was listed….i just wanted to be listed before the xmas weekend!! As horrible as it sounds..people do stupid things around xmas so I didn’t wanna miss my oppunity.


Thursday 22nd December 2011 at 12.20pm

Unknown appeared on my phone, yes it was the little irish voice I had learned to love to hear at the end of my phone! I was officially LISTED!!

And he made me a 3 month phone appointment and a 6 month appointment with Dr Carby to have tests etc done again to make sure they was no changes and to monitor me I suppose.


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