Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Another Iron Infusion!

I dont feel like im very exciting at the moment to blog! all the intresting bits of coming into hospital and having a few interesting conversations has all calmed down now...for me thats good though, so sorry if your looking for drama no can do at the moment ;) lol

Valentines day started off as a bit of a ERGH day...my chest turned on me a bit decided it wanted to give me lots of pains, coughing was really painful, and i seemed to wake up with the worse headache EVER it felt like the top of my head was going to explosed!

i had already had two lots of morphine in the morning too ease of the chest pains but this bad boy wasnt going, i couldnt do physio i was struggling they saw i was, so thankfully i was not made to feel bad about not doing it! so i went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later around lunch time feeling soooooooo much better! chest pain had eased off and the head ache was gone.. shweeeeeet!!

so then i did my physio.... think i need to introduce you to my "bird" ;) .... no its not my gf, im not a lesbian lol its a machine that helps you open up and blast oxygen into you so you breathe deeper... its amazing and its effortless i love it, heres a little piccy

i have something simular at home called an i-sleep which i use for my physio but it doesnt blast oxygen it blast air and its a bit differcult to control we have a love/hate relationship lol.

so yeah the day got a bit better i brightened up, my lovely auntie pam came to visit me.

couldnt see my lee as he had work and didnt want him coming up all agged and tired and smelly from work and then havign to leave early not much point so were having our lil valentines day on friday! altho i did wake up to some sweet and not so sweet textes from him...not going to repeat on here tho..theres some parts of my life i wont be blasting over the internet ;) lol

then in the evening i saw my two beautiful ladies daisy and lauren! which was good, little catch up and a curry and my big fat gypsy wedding!! was defo a good evening!!

so that brings me to today!

i feel soooooooo good today full of energy...think its a mix of the i.v's and the 3 redbulls i have drunk!!
it was the big ward round today and saw one of my lovely consultants! everything seems to be good, my crp which is my infection levels they check through a bloody tests have been a bit up and down but everythigns going in the right way my lung function is up to 15% which is really good! (for me)
weights up to 38.4kg although i think its about 39 now!
just need to keep ontop of the weight, come so far getting and being on the transplant list, i dont want to be taken off because im underweight just need to push on and make sure i get myself at least to 40-41kg!! and stay at that!

also had a little visit form my lovely girl Bianca and her bro dan! she was up on lind ward so sneaked down avoiding the consultants once she was finished, she also has cf and whilst were in hospital were not ment to "mix" with each other as they have rules about cf patients mixing because of infections and bugs they have etc etc but me and bianca have been close mates since we was about 4 years old and were not just friends because of hospital, we hang around with each other and go out together outside of here and live like 5 mins down road and simular group of mates etc so its hard to follow these rules...and we have all the same bugs anyways lol ..but seen as tho they have a complete fit each time they see us together we cant see each other whilst were under there roof lol so we do a bit james bond movements around them! lol haha anyways shes had a rough time at the mo and had an op on monday so was here for a check up! but all in all was good to see her :)

i had to have another iron infusion though becuase it is still a little bit low! and they want me to keep topped up, as this all is for being on the transplant waiting list too!
so heres a few pics of my iron infusion, there was alot more than what i had last month! looks so weird!!

oh and this is my boob........haha well im not lying but this is where my portacath is, a portacath (port) is like a perminat thing which is a round disk kinda thing under the skin which is attached to a vein so they is always access, just saves me and many others having to have canulas, canulas dont last long etc...this needle isnt in all the time, you cant see anything normally just when i have to be on anti-biotics etc the needle is put in. sorry if i havent explained very well just google portacath lol.

so hopefully thats me topped up with iron for a bit then. hopefully wont have to have it for another 3 months...its doesnt bother me, it doesnt hurt or make me feel weird so they could do one every day and it wouldnt bother me :)

oh and not forgetting the BEST thing about Wednesdays on Foulis Ward issssssss hummingbird CUPCAKES one word REEEEEEM!!!! :)

i think thats all for today.

love love

1,327 hours on the transplant list x

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