Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Got a BED!

well firstly i started the day not feeling very positive about getting a bed, it was almost 11am and when theres a bed for me i normally hear before 10-10.30am so i just assumed i wasnt being admitted.
also rung the oxygen company first thing to see what time they would be delivering my liquid oxygen tank and they said they couldnt tell me a time just would be afternoon! which was a pain! hate not knowing times etc! but it arrived about 2 ish so i now am a proud owner of this beautiful tank!
its alot smaller than i thought it was going to be!

so as i was saying i hadnt heard from the hospital untill a little unkown number poped up on my phone and it was the brompton (not harefield) lol bed manager to say there was a bed for me, which was great untill i found out it was biancas room i was getting. few reasons why i wasnt as happy

  1. bianca was going home so i wouldnt have my buddy in there...although was happy she was escaping!
  2. shes been going on about how her room has a ghost in it!
  3. its right down the other side of the ward...so far from the kitchen so id need oxygen to walk that far which sounds ok but its really not easy to pull or carry oxygen along whilst still struggle as oxygen isnt a miracle cure and have to carry heated up food!!?? you'd think they would put this into consideration! i no beds are limited but they could move people about...and when i saw the people that are near in the room that was free today next to kitchen, there not on oxygen...dont need a wheelchair and would prob love a good little walk to the kitchen! :( just a bit unfair in my opinion...they dont look like there waiting for a transplant or struggling to breathe...im being bitchy now but just really upset me earlier!
  4. and also there is only a shower which is old school but showers always make my chest go so tight and funny...and the bathroom is like a cubboard!

i sound really ungrateful but these thigns are frustrating, i come in here to get better and these little things would make my hospital stay so much easier and i would prob get better quicker! i doubt il eat much il prob just do feeds instead!

anyway enough moaning i still brought £40 worth of shopping from tesco and look how pleased i look to be in my wheelchair with a special bit attached onto it...mums been dying to do this in tescos since iv had the wheelchair...i only agreed because i dont know anyone around chelsea!!


after tescos trip i got back got into my pjs and got all cosy had a little sandwich then my lovely scottish nurse debbie came to access my port and start the i.v's she also told me they had just contacted harefield to let them no i was an impatient incase i get a call and to let them know how i am etc that was a bit weird. good weird though.

needle went in all good first time, she got me the kiddies oxygen and water thing that attaches to the oxygen on the wall so its not so cold for my little nose!

right my eyes are shutting so tired after taking my anti sickness....doubt they will be able to wake me up 2moz! haha

oh and last few things! i found an organ donor..my mate rach shes small and same blood group as me a+ lol just gotta kill her off now haha only joking although she did make me giggle when she told me!

and been on the transplant list for 1,138 hours now!

night all, one love x

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