Monday, 6 February 2012

Hotel Brompton fully booked!!

1,113 hours i have been listed now.

so my chest has decided it cant handle me pushing myself anymore now and needs some TLC!
i rung up the brompton last week and was told i could see someone friday up at lind ward but the doctor i normally see, doesnt always seem to listen and i was feeling rather rubbish so just decided to go with clinic on monday (today) so they fitted me in!

i definatley pushed myself over the weekend but it was worth it! my best friend (daisy) birthday party at mine saturday night, had all the girls over. good catch up and giggle, couldnt all stay as it snowed and some had work in the morning but i think daisy enjoyed herself which was most important! my chest was good and bad throughout the night, had to sit on my oxygen at times but as stupid as it sounds didnt want to sit on it too much infront of every one as i didnt want the night to be all about me! although after laughing so much and throwing snowballs in the flat i had no choice but to sit on it! lol felt a bit sorry for daisy when we went to bed....my chest is always the worse when i settle down to sleep and couldnt stop coughing and was struggling to breath and was trying not to worry daisy or annoy her too! she prob kill me for even thinking let alone saying that! anyway i made her some cupcakes and decorated a birthday cake for her! heres some piccys :)

it was black icing with gold shimmer on it...just looks brown tho!

daisy and her balloons
me and daisy in our onesies :)

me! lol

so then SUNDAY myself and lee (bf) went to see Olly Murs in concert at the o2 Arena in London!! i got the tickets for xmas form my cousin sally! was great had good time, seats where good and good view of the beautful olly! hes such a great performer!

my chest was pretty rubbish on the way back and i was so exhausted i actually managed to get to sleep straight away that night which was the best feeling ever!

which brings me to today!

well firstly i saw hugo and millie from made in chelsea whilst looking for a parking space outside the hospital! lol

then got to clinic weight was only 37.6kg :( and had my xray to make sure i didnt have an Pneumothorax because of all the chest pains i have and been having but it was ok just full of mucus the whole x-ray was cloudy! id love to see it compared to someone who doesnt have CF when you see it in person i wonder how i can actually breathe altho it does explain my 13% lung function. i took a picture but the flash actually made the x-ray look clearer shows alot more black when actually it was clouder but i will show u below

anyways we all agreed that i need to be admitted pretty quick, they tried for a bed today but there was nothing which was rubbish, i thought by being on the transplant list i would have some sort of priority of getting in as i need to be well enough for when i get my call, i was told i would be next to get a bed just couldnt today!! fingers crossed they will squeeze me in tomorrow!! get me all well again and get soem weight back on me!! and fingers crossed they will let me out for celeb juice on wednesday...might cry if they dont!!

and just a little add on...im so addicted to twitter at the moment...and apart from the fake followers iv got after clicking a link i do have quite a few real followers now!! whoop go me! :) also some actor retweeted me without me asking! lol his name was ben richards and also wayne lineker replied to a tweet i added him to that i got involved in to help @BarnesBoysM get a reply from gary lineker so all good, gona try work on some celebs to get these "get it off your chest" t-shirts!!
 gonna get myself one too!! 2012 will be the year CF will be known!!

thats all for now love love x

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