Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sprog has left the building!! ;)

Had a really good day out in london with lee!
Harrods wasn't all it's cracked up to be! Full of rich posh people, and tourists!
I looked at a few bits of clothing..found this gorgeous swimsuit...then was completely depressed when the price tag said £410!! Lee wasnt keen on buying it for me! How rude! Haha just spent rest if the time finding some of the clothing names amusing.. One was called agne...really!?!? Lol
We decided to ditch Harrods and go to TGI Fridays in covent garden Mmm was reem!

So then Monday....
Finally i am home!! 3 weeks later, fatter, healthier and ready to make the most of being well!

the ward was a bit crazy when I left yesterday, firstly i didnt even know i had planned to go home today, i didnt realise it was written on the board as my discharge day! although i had a small idea it could have been today but i never get my hopes up!

doctors came in to see how i was and I told them my sickness has gone, weight is up chest feels good as it can do, so i was a free lady, all i needed was my morphine to get as thats a new one i dont have at home.
they wanted to weigh me and to do lung function to make sure i was all good...

mum came up to pack all my stuff up and get it to the car which always takes about 3 trips down to the car before we go as i seem to bring EVERYTHING in with me lol but we ended up waiting for hours.. all the doctors had disappeared off the ward, they had been stuck in clinic and the others had been stuck in the day unit so no1 had done my TTOs or written up my drugs to go home with.

i was pretty chilled normally i become a stroppy bitch and just want to get out once i no i can go home, but I kept calm!
Decided after a few hours of having had my ivs done and waiting for the drs to write up my finally flush for my port I started getting restless and all I was waiting to take home was the morphine and even once the drs had written it u it was going to take a few hours for pharmacy to get it sorted as it takes longer to get this drug sorted because it's a controlled drug!! Such a palava so I thought to myself there's no say I'm waiting another 2-3 hours didn't want to hit london rush hour, so seen as though I came into hospital without being on morphine I'm sure I could manage a few days without it and could get it from my GP, thankfully Andrew from Pharmacy kindly offered to fax over my TTOs to my GP the next day do it would all be sorted! I just wanted to escape.
Didn't weigh myself or do lung function as everyone was so busy..I think they were happy for me to go anyway, they have decided that I have to go back in
4 weeks time to start IVs again, just to keep on top of things so depending on how I am il either start in hospital and finish at home or just do it all at home!

So got my needle out and I was free!
Felt amazing to be home, walking into my flat all clean and tidy (thanks to mum of course!) forgot how much I missed my comforts and most importantly MY BATH!! Oh and my double bed!!

Today got my nails done, so finally feel Girly again :-) had a little shop..got a weird thing about buying knifes at the moment...I'm not crazy or planning on killing anyone! There for cooking!! Lol and just enjoyed not being stuck in one room in hospital waiting for the next lot of nurses or drugs to come in.. I feel freeee! Some piccys I'm using an app on my phone so not sure how this is going to turn out
Love love
1,644 hours on transplant list

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  1. I just wanted to say how amazing I think your blog is. I started following you on twitter and found you blog. I read every post this weekend. I think it's great that you are sharing your experiences and I can only imagine how many people you are helping by doing this. I have my own personal heath issues that have restricted how I live my life but nothing like you at facing. Your positive attitude has inspired me to keep the smile in my face. You seem like a really lovely girl, so genuine with such a good heart. I hope you get your transplant soon and that everything works it for you, i will keep you in my prays. Sending you love and hugs xx