Sunday, 26 February 2012

Still In Hospital LOL

Well im still here Day Number 19!!

but im much happier now...after my last blog i really did sort myself out! im not feeling all down now and just want to get better, get weight on and get the hell outta the place! :)

 i managed to escape for a few hours the day after and have dinner at home with my crazy family and lee! was good to just be out of the hospital "ILL" enviroment!!
and i cooked dinner for everyone! :) only because im fussy on how i like my fajitas cooked...everyone seemed to enjoy them tho....i cant say i did much of the prep work and did not in what so ever tidy up ;) lol so just al the good bits!

i really didnt want to go back to the hospital later on...i was leaving all my fav people to go back to an empty hospital room on my own :( oh well the joys of cf!
i got my feed started and went to bed!!
sickness 0-1 george!!! whoop seem to be feeling soooooooooo much better, dont have the erge to vom and havent thrown up! so all is good. i havent felt like i cant breathe desprite the usually breathlessness just the usual needing oxygen!

doing really well with my weight...last time i checked it was 38kg!! BOOM!! see i knew i could do it! sickness has basically gone...only comes on now and then! i feel fatter! just feel more human again now and not a drip!  i truely believe that if your head is in the right place you can do ANYTHING!! sometimes you do need to shut down for your body to recharge! i am the only one that can decided how i want my life to be! if i want to make my whole life about being ill and struggling then i can but i choose not too!! your mind has a big part to play in how you live your life! not just with Cf this goes for everyone!

Friday i finally Moved rooms! was hard work..mainly for my mum bless her, she does so much for me. after giving up work and becoming my full time carer its great that i have her and not some stranger but jheeze she does above and beyond what anyone would do...she said she would do it regardless, and doesnt look at it as a "carer"  just being a mum!  but bless her none of the nurses helped....and she got all my stuff on my wheelchair and done about 6 trips there and back to the rooms which are at the opposite ends of the ward! good work out! lol oh and we had little amelie up who is 17 months old so u can imagine how fun that was for her! lol safe to say she prob hates my hospital rooms as much as me...there no fun! lol
wasnt the best feeling packing up all my stuff, felt like i was going home...but it wasnt it was too a SMALLER room...

right i no i should be greatful because i moaned about the last room, but i have moved into a smaller room, i can barely fit chairs in here i keep them in the bathroom along with wheelchair, the tv doesnt get all the good channels...it literally just about gets 1-5 then i get all the muslim and arab channels clear tho!! i got all excited when i walked in and saw a sky remote FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! lol
the bathroom is HUGE and is boiling but has a weird shower...its big enough to have a bath!! should have fitted one! lol
theres hardly any internet reception down this end of the ward lol
fulham road is SO noisy the buses and Eighty-Six bar is sooo noisy and all the piss heads shouting below!! lol

heres some pics of my room and the view....

im so ungratful...i am next to the kitchen which is great because i have started eating more because its right there and thats the most important thing!!

after the madness of moving friday we decided to have a little trip to westfield get some dinner and have a bit of retail therapy which i did indeed brought myself a nice little bracelet kiddies size but looks normal on my wrists hahah heres a lil pic

chest wise its up and down. since iv stopped my drip i dont feel as clear but that was obvious it was going to happen as it opens eveything up. yesterday i went for a nose down kings road with mum and my chest sounded awful. but i feel ok now. going to do lung function tomorrow to see how that is and no doubt il be weighed tomorrow but if all is ok il hopefully be out of this place this week.

something to add as we found this very amusing....
when my mum takes me out in the wheelchair and we have to press buttons eg for the lifts all of yesterday we were getting electric shots!! and i mean proper bad ones, haha it was horrible and hilarious!! sometimes u can even see the spark me and my mum now look like complete gomeys when we press the button cause were too scared...just wondered if anyone else gets this!? haha

anyways i best get myself ready, lees coming up to take me out to harrods to have a little snoop around! see what i cant afford to buy haha i dont think iv ever been before so will be a new experiance. :)

heres a pic of me being a loser before bed last night... hahaha

hope i look fatter :)

love love

1,583 hours on the transplant list


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