Tuesday, 6 March 2012

#GetFatOrDieTryin... lol

Started my day wayyyy to early for a bum like me!! i was out the house by 7.30AM!!!

my mum and myself were on our way to watford to be a model for something called "house of colour" basically its to get your colours done, to show what colours suit you skin tones best. you are put into a certain season such as spring, autum, winter and summer.

i have had this done before and was told i was an autum but i didnt mention this to them wanted to see what they came out with..well it was the opposite apprantly im a spring!- im not sure the woman was sure and i dont agree i still think im autum haha most of you reading this prob have no idea what im talking about so im not going to babble on, either way it was something different to do for a day and it was free ;)...(love a freebie)

as for my chest, today wasnt a great day for me!it started off bad, was really struggling this morning and have been on my oxygen all day, couldnt walk around tescos earlier had to stay in wheelchair and with oxygen on...think im still recovering from the weekend!

but hey ho gotta crack on with things...

when i was in hospital i was sent an email from a woman off twitter who has CF who finds loads of high calorie foods etc...she sent me this email for a cheesecake!! check out the Calories in this badboy!!!

"To make in a 21cm cake tin with push out bottom:

360g digestives
150g unsalted butter
750g marscapone
150g sugar
300mls extra thick double cream
3 tablespoons of vanilla extract


Bash the biscuits into fine crumbs then melt the butter in saucepan and then add the crumbs into it and mix them, put into the cake tin and press it down, leave in the fridge for at least 30mins


Mix the marscapone, sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl then mix the cream in a little at a time, put over the biscuit base and smooth out, leave in the fridge for 4hours.

That recipe is approx 7360cals for the whole lot but most I've managed is about 1/2 because it's quite rich. I'd get someone to make it for you though, I've got a lung function around 50% and I get fairly breathless and struggle to stir the topping it's so thick! Hope you like it :) x"

so here is the following pics of of my attempt of making the cheesecake... by me (and mum)

was quite impressed! and it tasted GORGEOUS!!

after cooking me and Bianca some fajitas we had a slice each for pudding and just about finished it! so rich but tasted sooooooo good!!

will defo be trying to eat as much as poss! get these calories in me and fatten me up!!

thats all i have to say for today!

love love

1,811 hours on the transplant list xx

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