Sunday, 4 March 2012

Meeting Fearne Cotton & Night Out

So this weekend has been quite eventful for me!
Taken full advantage of feeling well! Saturday I was invited by my aunt Pamela's friend Adele to a little charity event at Fearne Cotton's (radio dj and one of the celebrity juice gang) mums house! It was selling off some of Fearne cottons clothes and other stuff that she owned etc, and all the money was donated too erm this is terrible that I don't no exactly but I think it was some sort of animal charity save the bears or something!

Was a beautiful day we turned up around 2ish there were beautiful cakes everywhere, made by members of the family and Fearne herself. Obviously I took a few piccys and there were yummy!

how cool is this chocolate shoe made by fearne cottons aunt (i think)

I was told she wasn't going to be there but when we was sitting outside in the garden waiting for people to turn up before the hunt for clothes could start of all of a sudden out comes Fearne lol well I was major excited...but tried not too to let on, played it cool! Lol didn't wanna be one of those annoying people that sees celebs and goes crazy and just embarrasses themselfs.

More people turned up then the little Summerhouse was opened!...that's where the clothes were!! Had a little dig around some of the clothes were so nice but I have a child like body as I wear age 10-11 trousers so there was no way the trousers, dresses or skirts were going to fit, and I also have midget feet which I'm gutted about as the shoes were sooo nice, one of the girls who was with us brought some beautiful high heel red ones...was very jel!...but I'm good for tops! Lol I do have boobs! Lol So I was treated to a few tops by my beautiful auntie!

After some hunting Adele called me outside and there was miss cotton herself and Adele got a couple of cheeky photos which I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY with! She said she was determined to get a photo of us before we left! Thank god for Adele ;) lol I look so small in the photos...although I think she makes me look chubby which I was very happy about ;) She was lovely though and said I saw her at celeb juice and it was a good old one etc. made my day!

Then we went inside and enjoyed the cakes :-) And left with some new clothes and a very happy lady! That's One to tick off my Bucket List now!
Oh and managed to do the whole afternoon without my oxygen...although on my way to my mums I did have a little moment in the car but whacked the oxygen on and I was all good again :)

my busy day continued...I Then went over to the rents to see my my other auntie Lynn I hadn't seen since I was about 7-8ish so don't really remember her, my dads sister is Scottish could just about understand what she was saying! Love it! Reminds me off gran from Scotland! and her son Greg and his wife Jo and little one Layla who I hadn't met before we're there too she's so lovely!
Spent the after noon chasing around the house for darcy our cat! Lol

Then left there to start getting ready for me little night out! Was starting to struggle a little bit so did all my treatment and sat on oxygen for a bit to re-charge for the evening!
Then it was fake tanning time, eye lashes, make up then trying to figure out what to wear!? Don't do nights out anymore so had no idea, hate wearing dresses as I have such skinny legs...and it was pretty cold.

Was a really great night, everyone looked lovely, and saw a few faces I'd not seen in a while and met some of lees family. Was good fun! Lee, Phill (his dad) and Ryan his (brother) dance moves kept me entertained most of the night. Chest was ok, didn't use my oxygen, didn't wanna have eyes staring at me! Lol and wasn't struggling, only a bit towards the end!

Paying for it today though, chest feels tight and sore been on my oxygen most the eveing at lees but had a lovely roast and just need some rest days for next few days... but I don't care was well worth it and actually felt like a normal person and not treated or looked like an "I'll person" All in all wicked weekend :) god times... Love my life!

oh and i have been given a little pressy form lees mum max, she brought me and orchid a beautiful white one, shes toldme how to look after it and iv named it morchid the orchid lol so if i can keep this alive il be able to handle a dog hahahahaha

heres some piccys of sat night x

Lee and Me x

Ryan and Lee

Ryan (lees bro) and Me x

love love xx

1,762 hours on the transplant list x

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