Friday, 2 March 2012

Super Sprog!!

I feel so good at the moment, im eating loads and keeping feeds down so weights good, days like today make me think maybe i dont need a transplant! haha

I built up the confidence to go out shopping today without my mum or Lee or my wheelchair!!
felt so good, i had my oxygen fully topped up and ready to use but i didnt need it, i felt fine...prob should of had it on when i was walking around but i genually felt ok so i pushed myself.
towards the end i did feel tired and admittedly when i got back to the car on the way home i did turn it on for a bit so i suppose i used up all the oxygen and energy i had in my body, but i dont care i did it and i was proud of myself. think its the first time in months iv done it! major boost for me!! i actually felt like old george again not the "ill person" iv become! lol

iv become a bit of a shopalolic since iv left hospital...and its only been 4 days haha
can never have too much retail therapy!

yesterday was quite amusing! me and mum decided we would take a little trip to kingston.
so before we left we did the usually get my liquid oxygen topped up although things didnt go to plan
we thought mum had broken the tank thing, she filled it up and then it just wouldnt stop pouring out with smoke, its like we had our own smoke machine....

anyway we rung the oxygen company and it turns out mum had just overfilled it haha embarassing!

unofrtunately thats as exciting as my life gets at the moment...on a mission to get more people on my facebook signed up for organ donation, got over 700 "friends" so even if half of them sign up thats a boost!! most people seem to be keen on the idea....just people are too lazy to actually do it!! even though it takes less than two mins! and all there doing anyway is pointlessly sitting on facebook looking at people moanign about having a cold or jeremy kyle like status!! lol people need to sort therelives out and realise how important life is and it is what you make it!

oh well they cant all be perfect like the can they ;) haha..(being sarcastic btw)

love love

1,710 on the transplant list xx

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