Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bored in hospital...

Im bored in hospital so thought id do a little blog to keep myself amused!

well firstly im overly excited at the moment and didnt want to say why but i literally cant keep it in any longer!!! but i am now a proud owner of a beautiful little bungelow!!

this is something that wont seem important to anyone but my housing situation has really been getting me down for months at the moment to the point of literally crying just talking bout it! dont get me wrong i have a beautiful flat but as my healths declined it really has put a strain on me, sometimes i just felt trapped as getting from my front door down to the car was such hassle and i would be exhausted!! and theres no window in bathroom so would get so stuffy and the flat is always like 100 degrees!! haha but now il be moving into a little bungelow where i have a front and back garden aswell, needs work doing on it before i move in but its all so exciting!! and i cant wait decorate it however i want and just make it my own!! and its in a lovely area too!! and which means finally i can get myself a lil pup!!

its just the small things that make the biggest difference...it will keep me busy, as i can boss everyone around as i very much doubt il be any use at diy...haha but i feel now with the stress of housing gone i can forcus on keeping myself proper well for whenever i get my call!!

im feeling very positive at the moment about transplant!! just got to imagine myself with new lungs and it will happen i know it will, not ready to give up and certainly not ready to let cf control my life, im only 21 iv got so many things left to do, and so much to look forward too!

chest feels so good, my sats are 94% off oxygen at rest which is amazing!!, and they have continued to lower my steriods, although im not sure i can afford this new love for food!! im literally eating so much i dont have a stop button! haha but i turn into a bitch if i havent eaten aswell, its a bit annoying being stuck here over easter weekend, i didnt really think it through no1s back until tuesday and by then i will be well and truely ready to escape! so il get them to get the niv sorted as soon as possible, thats just a matter of talking to the physio lot and there so good up here!

got a little pressy sent to me from my beautiful cousin nicola yday its very me!! hes a little pic

2,576 hours on the transplant list xx

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  1. omg sooo jel that you've got a bungalow with a garden!!! my dream home lol :P congratsss!!!! also, whats a niv? xx