Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lifes a....

wellll hello!!

basically i feel shite at the moment! i want to be writing nice things about how im feeling but sickness is pissing me right off, my appetite would be none excistant unless i hadnt been pushing myself and also with my mum going on at me too!! my chest is rubbish, im feeling so weak, no energy, feeling tired all the time, im getting full nights sleep and still walking around in the day time like a zombie!!

the past week iv not managed to do much about all iv done was get my gorgeous sofas ordered from DFS!! there lush though and cannot wait for them to arrive on the 16th to the new place! apart from that iv tried to rest as much as i could, it was one of my besties baby showers this saturday so made sure i was well and truely rested a few days before! i woke up on the day feeling rubbish and just went into panic mode, there was no way i could miss this, we been planning and organising this for the past few months!!
i drugged myself up on morphine calmly got ready that morning and just gave my body everything it needed and by lunch time i felt much better and managed the afternoon quite well!! didnt need to be sat on the oxygen! (well weather i needed to or not i didnt haha) got involed in the games and chit chat and it was such a lovely day all went well!! heres a few piccys..

the belly cast we made of hannahs bump at 31-32 weeks

mummy and daddy to be hannah and mike

the baby shower crew! me siobhan and amy!!

couldnt leave out a pic of these gorgeous cupcakes made by Nanny Sarah!!

and my gorgeous flowers from hannah for helping with baby shower :)

so that was saturday.

then sunday my lovely cousin came down to spend the day and night with me...went for a nice posh lunch in cobham, then i decided to torcher myself by going to look at yorkshire terrier puppies!! we got to the place and they had the EXACT pup i wanted a little teacup size yorkie!! i feel in love! was a little boy! so cute when i was cuddling him, so tiny and was licking my hands loads...think he could taste my saltyness! haha then it found my oxygen tube and started nibbling on that haha woman had to move it behind my shoulder so he couldnt get to it! i didnt wanna put him down!! if id had the money there and then 100% i would have brought him home with me, he was ready to go!

this weeks been a no go so far! i have managed to get out for a few hours each day but its completely wiped me, hate feeling like this bugs the hell out of me...what kind of quality of life is this!!??everything is such a struggle at the moment...even the simpliest of things just aggs the life out of me!! just want to be able to jump out of bed in the morning get ready and go out and not worry about if il be well enough or can i cope with it, or will it wipe me out, just wanna be flipping normal!! i wanna moan about normal things! (mini violin playing)

anyways enough about me being a complete pathetic sob story haha everything will be cushtie soon, good little saying i saw someone had put the other day! something like "Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay, its not the end .." - defo the outlook i like!!

i spoke to my cf nurse specialist today and she knows exactly how im feeling and everything so gonna try and fit me into clinic next week to see the drs! deep down i no what i need...my body needs ivs again, but my head doesnt feel ready, only left on the 12th april and its now the 24th!! agg!!

anyways im not gna push my body as its not gna do myself any favours in the long run! and cant afford to have big knocks need to be well for whenever i get the magically life changing call!!

if your reading this and still havent signed up for organ donation please do if its something you agree with. you dont need your organs when your gone! knowing you can save up to 9 lifes is such an achievement in itself!! click on the click on the side and sign up please!! you can choose exactly what organs you want to donate! iv signed up and so should you! if your willing to take an organ, then be willing to leave yours! :)

gna leave this blog on another good note!! i think i might need to change this blog to the Mickey Parks blog about- yep thats right hes done yet ANOTHER run but this time its not a half marathon!! oh no hes only bloody gone and done the LONDON MARATHON!!!!  what a legend and yes all for Cystic Fibrosis!!

he done the run in about 5 hours!! and was in so much pain yday when i spoke to him and you no what he said to me... "but what i did is not a thing on what people with CF have to do"

hes such a great guy!! so hes done 3 half marathons and the london marathonall for CF!! so come on guys cough up some dough and donate to his online sponsor page heres the link below!!

heres some latest piccys!!

also if you think hes a great guy hes also single!! ;) hahaha please contact for any date enquires hahahahaha (dont kill me mickey)


thats all iv got to update on for now then

love love xx

2,984 hours on transplant list (4 months, 2 days) xx

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  1. Oh my little George :(:(, keep your chin up girl and no im thinking of you lots. Im feeling pretty rubbish at the mo too,and not getting out much! So want you to no your not alone feeling this way....and basically ,its shit!!Ha.
    Were so alike when it comes to oxygen....i went the dentist today and wouldnt wear it even though i needed it...so stubborn!
    Think what your friend Mickey is doing is FAB!! and i will make a donation now ;)

    Keep smiling!!

    Nic xx