Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sickness is well and truly back!!

ERGH I have felt so weak and rubbish today! It soooo was not a day to be feeling like this had so much to do!

Had really restless night last night, when I finally got to sleep last night lee decided to "pretend" he had cf hahaha I'm kidding I felt sorry for him his chest actually sounded worst than mine and I'm waiting for new lungs! He was coughing and wheezing away and did his sats and they were like 95%!! He's ment to be the "well" one can't have him getting I'll on me, I think he's got allergies to something cause he was wheezing away!

Anyway besides that oh my god I feel
Sorry for everyone around me! It was SO annoying having someone coughing constantly haha ud think I'd be sympathetic and I wanted to be but god how do people put up with that! Lol and would he take any of my drugs to help him-NOPE!! Lol
You'd think anyone would jump on the idea of a bit of morphine ha not lee he's sensible and said what happens if he reacted to it! Which was true but I just wanted him to stop bloody coughing hahaha I'm such a bitch ;)

So took me a while to sleep then had to get up at 9.30!! Oh my god so early!! (for me) ;)

And had so many things to sort out with my new place and rent etc, its so funny walking into council, the woman judged me straight away, was really shitty and as soon as i spent a good half hour with her going through stuff and i took a funny turn and had to get mum to sort it out as i couldnt talk, she found out i was on transplant list and i had got out of hospital last week her whole attitude and body language changed towards me, she became lovely!!..makes me giggle!!...had to get things all signed up with paperwork for new place, then later had to wait for gas man to come as lee thought he smelt gas the other day-I never noticed every time Iv been there

Well turns out there was a gas leak and had 4 work men turn up, 3 massive work vans and they had to dig up the front to change the pipes now and rip out some units in my kitchen such dramas lol

AND throughout all this I felt so sick and struggled to eat and cause Iv not eaten felt weak it's so horrible when I get like that the only thing to help is to get some food down me but it's the last thing you want! I got some chips from fish n chip shops with lots of salt thought be settling on my stomach and hopefully give me a boost!! I didn't manage to eat a lot but it worked and felt a lot brighter in the afternoon!

Didn't get a chance to go to dfs to buy my sofas though :-( 2moz hopefully!!

So whilst these men were hacking away at my place I decided to take a little trip into town and visit my beautiful mate Tor who works in a lovely shop full of bits I could easiily cover my new place in!! Got a nice new candle!! Mm smells gorgeous!

The worked men called so couldn't stay long and headed back and had to arrange for them to come back 2moz!

I slept the whole way back to Chertsey the day had completely wiped me and get wanted rest and more food!

Chest feels ok goes funny at times but wouldn't be waiting for new lungs if my chest was perfect ;) lol

So gonna get some dinner early night and fingers crossed a more productive day 2moz instead of my mum running around after me bless her!! She really is a star!! Love her too bits!!

All for now love love

2,814 hours on transplant list!


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