Thursday, 3 May 2012

18 days too soon!!

18 days thats all i lasted!

i was admitted back onto Foulis ward at the Brompton again on monday... sucks!
dont get me wrong my body needed ivs, my chest has been rubbish, my weights not great, pretty much the usually shizzle but i expected to last a bit longer!

last week i had spoken to cf nurse and they told me to come up to lind ward to see someone and get started on home ivs on monday but over the weekend i felt so weak and the thought of doing home ivs myself just didnt feel up to it, plus its not pratical at the moment as im moving this week so trying to get everything out of the flat, wouldnt be any good having a drugs fridge and more medicines and boxes delivered!

plus im just in the way at the moment at home, im no use to anyone, i cant help with anything cause im feeling so rubbish and its stopping mum from doing things to help me get sorted with the move cause shes constantly looking after me, so hotel brompton seemed like the safest and most pratical idea at the moment and instead of leaving the infection to get worse nip it in the bud now!

however once here being pratical seemed like a stupid idea! i hate being cooped up in this place! its shit!! although a few good thing about this admission is biancas here to keep me company and good old stuart aswell, i have a bath in my bathroom so happy days for sproggy!! i can chillax in the bath, and yet again i have a tiny room but huge bathroom haha makes me chuckle!

im in room 9 this time right next to nurses desk! weird being in this room, last time i was in this room was may 2010 i was so unwell and missed my holiday to turkey with my family so memories of this room arent great, but its a great room to have a good nose at people, you always know whats going on! although you dont get much time to pretend your asleep if you dont want to see certain people! lol

sickness has hit me bad! i dont even know why, it doesnt make sence im only on cef and tobi this time and i always have ondansatron iv but even thats not working at the mo, they have uped that and giving me iv cyclizine which i normaly dont ask for cause can become quite addictive but ondansatron is doing nothing for me and cyclizine takes the sickness away straight away and i dont feel the erge to want it even if i dont need it! so not addicted yet! lol

the only problem with these with any of the anti sickness stuff i take is most of the side effects are tiredness so iv been pretty zoned out and asleep for the last few days havent been able to function at all, even looking at my phone seemed impossible at times let alone taking etc! its just crap!

they wanted to start me on aminophylline drip but that makes me feel so sick and dont wanna make things worse so tried the tablet, but i cant handle that either and gives me the worse stomach cramps!

so they can jog on with that!! lol

woke up to lovely blood gases this morning! the woman was rubbish and she had the right hump, she wasnt doing it right and i asked her if she had done it before and she got all bitchy and told me she had done loads of them, but she was digging around in my wrist for ages the bitch! then she took it out and asked to go in my other wrist and told her no cause didnt want two bruised wrists and my right hand which she had already tried was my best so with attitude she tried again and at one point i felt she got it then she moved again and i told her that she had it, then she carried on digging and i felt she got it again and i said u got it pull back, so she pulled back and blood did come back, then off she went with the hump.....she never came back so i guess i was right!! the moody cow!!

for anyone that doesnt no what blood gases are, its basically a blood test they have to feel for the pulse instead of going into a normal vein you can see! its quite painful if its done right! lol

anyways so im still early days of ivs think im supposed to be trying the NIV today, so no doubt my next blog will be about that!

well once again i will be ending my blog about Mr Mickey Park! as yes yet he has done another Half Marathon!!

just a week after doing the london marathon and still all sore achey and in pain mickey took part in the Bracknell Half Marathon!! hes a proper trooper!!

heres a little piccy

 heres all his medals of achievement

if you didnt sponsor him shame on you!!!, mickey has gone above and beyond for fundraising for cystic fibrosis the last few months!! thanks so much mate, time to relax now!!

thats all for now

love love

3,190 hours on transplant list (4 months 10 days)

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  1. hello! Feel for you, just got out of Brompton a week ago (room 28b) tiny room, MASSIVE bathroom. Anywhere saw your bucket list and thought I'd give you something to do while yiu're stuck in and once you're feeling a bit better. Deal or No deal are looking for contestants!!! https://contestantform.dealornodeal.co.uk/