Saturday, 16 June 2012

Back on it!! Organ donation!!

Wasnt going to blog until i had something interesting going on in my life, but in one of those "thinking modes" again this evening so as usual this tends to end up on here!

firstly i think i have lost sight of one of the reasons why i am doing this blog... i want to raise awareness mainly for organ donation and feel and know i havent done this in god nose how long, iv become quite selfish in that sense!! so im going to jump straight back on that now!! even if its doing my tiny bit by annoying people on facebook or doing the odd tweet now and then, at least its something and may get another 1 or 2 people signed up!!

cause either way whatever happens with me in the near future one day i will need a transplant so raising awareness should be one of my main priorities! and there are so many people out there waiting for transplants, not just cystic fibrosis people, organ donation can affect ANYONE one day, your more likely to need a transplant than donate your organs! so lets bare this in mind and sign up ;)

if your not signed up click on the pic on the side which will direct you to the organ donor register, or click on this link https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/ukt/how_to_become_a_donor/registration/consent.asp?campaign=1160
or visit the Live Life Then Give Life website!! which is also an amazing charity so please donate to them too if you can spare some pennys http://www.lltgl.org.uk/page.cfm/Link=0/t=m/goSection=1

sprog is well and truely back in the game! im feeling as good as i can at the moment!

very positive about life! so need to use all this good energy and do something usefull with it!

Another thought, im pretty lucky im not feeling as unwell as i was last few months... been on transplant list for over 5 months now...and although i would NEVER admit it, i think i had started to give up a tiny bit, like i was just forcusing so much on getting new lungs....you cant be like that, its almost like you have to program your body to not "wait" for new lungs cause what happens if they never come? you have to live life as normal as your body will let you!

its really made me think these last few weeks like what was i doing, i literally became sooo unwell for me, could barely breath without my oxygen attached to my face, didnt walk anywhere or go anywhere without my wheelchair, i had not much quality of life to be honest!!....

i do think a big change for me has been my new home! its amazing that something so small could be bothering me without really thinking about it....i can honestly say now iv never been so happy in life, and with this new drug around the corner its all so exciting and without sounding morbid its really given me so much to live for!
i mean literally a few months ago i was planning my funeral with my mum and lee for worst case senareo but now i couldnt be further from thinking like that!!

il never give up now matter what happens...even if things didnt go to plan and i was on dealths door i dont think iv got it in me to give up!! my head is far too strong and stubborn for all that! :)

sorry gone a bit deep!!  but harsh reality and sadly there are others out there that arent coping as well as me and so desprately need a transplant, so i dont want this to be a despressing blog i just want it to be a bit of a reality check for anyone whos reading, i count myself very lucky at the moment, but iv lost alot of close people to me recently and heard of so many who have lost there lives!!

anyways all for now

love love

4,236 hours on list, 5 months 24 days.

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  1. Good for you! Never give up!! Lots of happy thoughts and healing prayers your way. One major thing I've learned about CF'ers is how strong, resilient and tenacious they ALL are!!! An inspiration to everyone!