Friday, 8 June 2012


Little blog update...

Health wise:- Last few days my chest had been a bit more ratterly, I changed onto my tobi neb month and felt like my chest started getting rubbish again, sats started dropping back into 80s and started getting chest pains, and reluctantly was made to use my oxygen by lee! freaked me out, im so use to feeling well when I had a few days of struggling again I hated it! So decided to go back onto my aztreonam neb again and now I'm feeling better, so gonna speak to drs about that, I know they like me changing them each month but if it's gna make me feel rubbish then no thanks.

Well since my last dramatic blog I've decided not to think about anything CF related at the moment (apart from
Obviously doing the usually treatment routine), I'm loving life at the moment, I'm back to feeling so well for me so don't need to get myself all worked up about situations and predicaments that might not even occur!!

And to be fair I'll know where I stand more at my next hospital appointment on the 19th and may even have the new drug then, although not getting my hopes up as I know they want to do test etc before I start the drug and they want me to be there for my first dose so I don't react or anything! it's funny this is first time in my life ive been eager to go to my hospital appointment, normally I avoid that place like the plague haha

Anyways so like I was saying ive not been focused on my health at moment, looking forward to the weekend as its my mums birthday and going to the summertime ball with her and my two sisters although I don't think there overly joyed about mum and I going as they booked there tickets first but were not sitting together and me and mum are far too cool for them anyways, plus cause I have a gomey badge "disabled badge" I get cheaper better seats at concerts etc see there is a plus side to certain things ;) so I'm guessing if it's meant to be raining on Saturday my sisters might be begging to swap seat with us....GUTTED lol

Also i have some very exciting news!! I'm going to be a mummy to little mason!!.... No I'm not pregnant (thank god) lol me and lee getting a little puppy!! It's not allowed to leave until 22nd July but that's plenty of time to get things ready! I'm beyond excited! He's so cute I fell in love! We're going to visit every weekend until we can bring him home!

So got that to look forward too! And my birthday in a month so hopefully I won't be in hospital this year and il have my little new drug by then too!!

Life is so good makes such a difference just need this crappy English weather to pick up now, not right having the heating on in June!!

Anyways that's my little update on my life

Love love

4,043 hours, 5 months 16 days on transplant list


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  1. Congratulations on you`r little Mason. It is madning how much love my little Opal brings into my life and can always bring a smile into my life no matter how bad a day I am having.
    Hope you have fun shopping for doggy bits x