Sunday, 14 October 2012

Long time no see!??

Been a while, seems like blogging tends to be more interesting to me when im more ill, so i suppose in that sense no news is good news??

Been quite busy inthe world of sprog!

celebrated a mates birthday a couple weeks ago, we went to essex for the night, visited a club called sugarhut! heres a few piccys, was good night...doesnt take much to get me drunk these days as iv learnt...cheap date ;) lol

So i had a lovely holiday! forgot how amazing it was to be away! sun, sea and sand! the feeling of the sun on my skin was so much better than 10 mins on a sunbed ;) haha

I felt like i was back where i belong! the place we stayed at was a beautiful little town called Puerto De La Duquesa, Andulucia Spain! between gibraltar and malaga airports. Iv been going there since i was 13 years old as my auntie and uncle own an appartment there!
once we arrived i couldnt wait to get my first Gambas Pil Pil, for anyone that doesnt know what it is or has never heard of it or tried it, wellyour simply missing out on life!! haha
its the perfect Cf dish and great for taking Kalydeco with!
its prawns with garlic and chilli in oil and got to have chips to soak in the oil and bread to dip! pureeee heaven! and i made the most of the week eating it at least once a day!
heres a pic

the last time i visited Duquesa was the end of may 2011 just before my lung collapsed! it was the first holiday i had used a wheelchair to get around and first time using a wheelchair in public really. i was at he beginning of my decline in health.
whilst at my favourite beach bar opposite our appartments the little spainish man who works there "spongebob" as myself and family liek to call him, he said to me as best as he could it went somehting like this....

"whena i see you", "ermmm" "you aaaa" "make meee" and he smiled and pointed to his face.
"when i see you before, you aaaa in" and did a wheelchair motion...

im guessing by this conversation he was basically happy to see me up and about walking around and not in a wheelchair like last time!!

after this comment esp it got me thinking about things and how lucky i am, id never had thought at the beginning of this year there would be any chance of a holiday this year...cause even if i had had a transplant you have to wait a year to go away.
And as shallow as it sounds tanning is a big part of my life and thinking of going on holiday esp back to Duquesa and not to be able to sit in the sun would be very strange...

So considering iv been able to not only come off the transplant list but to also travel to spain on holiday id say yes that Kalydeco really does work and has changed my life!! heres a few piccys from hols!
the compton family and me x

me in Gibraltar
me and the hubby to be x

again x
Now that holiday is over and back to the norm, its offical countdown till the wedding!! and yes im starting to stress and panic!! 19 days now till i get married! thats crazy!! this years been one eventful unexpected year! one i wont be forgetting in a hurry!

so much to sort still, need to hand forms into reg office tomorrow, choosing what vows we wanted...choosing wasnt the problem it was pronouncing the bloody words... and also for the smallest girl in the world i have the longest name in the world, so im garenteed for a few giggles and piss takers at the ceremony...manly bianca no doubt hahaha!!
had to choose songs we want, were very unorganised both me and lee haha.
also sorting out cake tomorrow, explain what i want! ha
and picking up dress on wednesday! so fingers crossed it fits perfectly its all been altered so hoping it does or im f**ked basically lol
oh and my lovely husband to be is still terroising me about turning up in an iron man suit, so wish me luck with that one! :S

then theres the hen do, gotta get an outfit.....

for a small low key wedding theres still loads of things that have to be arranged! nothings simple!

ah well all will be ok on the day aye!

health wise im good...the plane well and truely dried out my lungs on the way home, i have oxygen obviously whilst flying and normally cope ok until i get to about 2 hours into the flight then i start to suffer, thankfully its only 2 n half hour flight to and from spain so not struggling for long, but for a couple days after we got back my chest was giving me alot of trouble!

also air con in the appartments, have it on at night time, wake up in the morning and my lungs feel like they been infront of a fan all night! haha

but you gotta take the good with the bad, and the good out weighs the bad ;)

planning on booking myself into hotel brompton after the wedding for a good MOT service lol and relax after the stress of it all! and give my hubby to be a break haha and get myself good for xmas and new year cause wanna be out partying seen as though i missed out last year!!

so lots to look forward to before the year is out!! and a new life to begin as mrs compton!!

love love

90 days since started kalydeco
80 days since off transplant list