Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Checking in!

So I'm in a very noisy/cold/boiling hot hospital room opposite the wards kitchen! I shouldn't complain now I'm finally here, waited 3 weeks which is one of the longest waits I've had in years! I didn't realise I was as bad as I am otherwise I think I would have pestered them a little more to get in. Lung function has dropped down to 16% which has got me a bit worried as that's the lowest it's been in like 7 months, but I'm hoping it will race back up and il have a quick turn around since I still have my kalydeco working its wonders...hopefully.

I've slept most of the day as had a rubbish first night, forgot how noisy this place is compared to being home, don't think il moan to lee about watching tv when I'm trying to sleep anymore cause that noise is nothing compared to this place!

Not much else to say hopefully have some good news in next few days :)