Friday, 5 April 2013

The Dreaded RIP Sammie xx

It sickens me to be writing this blog entry at all but the fact so soon after my last blog, makes it even worse!

As I mention in my last blog, a dear friend of mine sam wasn't doing too great, and I was praying and hoping so much that she would pull through... unfortunately it wasn't the case this time and she sadly passed away yesterday (4th april).

I still Feel a bit in shock mode, doesn't feel real, still waiting for a tweet or post on facebook from her saying "sorry for the scare guys im fine", i don't want it to be real. since finding out makes me feel numb. why did it have to happen to her?, she didn't deserve this, why didn't her call come like others have?, makes me so angry, I know some things in life are meant to be and I normally say "everything happens for a reason" but really what reason is there for this to happen to such a beautiful bright positive person, the world needs more people like sam, she inspired so many, people she had never met she made a difference to!!
some people walk in and out of your life all the time and having Cystic Fibrosis you do meet and speak to some strong inspiring people that have to deal and cope with so much but meeting and knowing sam, she was extra special.
Nothing stopped her, and no matter how unwell she felt, she always would give you the biggest smile and be so positive about things, and so caring and generally always cared about how others were.

Sam had been waiting for a double lung transplant since January 2010, she expected a longer wait as her blood group was type O which strangely although it is the most common blood group, it is one of the uncommon donated blood groups!

This is the link to sams blog

theres so much more I want to write but finding it so hard to write things and im so angry at the moment,  I feel like im being selfish even writing how I feel, I just know all her family and loved ones will be hurting and I just want to take all the pain away from them, sam herself wouldn't want anyone to feel like this sad or angry she would still want everyone to be positive and she would know that god took her for a reason.
but knowing the way you should feel and actually feeling one way is two different things and I cant help it..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Please if your reading this and you haven't signed up for Organ Donation please do, I have lost too many friends to this horrible illness, and and two in the last 4 days whos lives could have been saved, familys would still have there loved ones with them, kids would still have there mummy or daddys, partners would still have there husband or wife with them, no mother or father should out live there children and esp grand parents shouldn't out live there grand children.....all this can change by doing one selfless act and joining the donor register...https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/how_to_become_a_donor/registration/consent.asp

Rip Beautiful Angel Sammie always be in my Heart xxxxxxxxx


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