Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The return of a sad blog! RIP CHLOE <3

So I'm back and in mixed emotions this evening...I'm hating on the world!!

Growing up knowing your life would always be short as I was born with this life sentence, yet dealing with reality of losing someone younger than you and who you knew quite well, never seems to become something that's easily accepted or right!!
In fact after hearing the loss of a friend this Easter weekend has hit me like a ton of bricks! 20 is far too young to die!
It's wrong, why didn't her call come in time? Why didn't she get that second chance she so rightly deserved!!

I tend to shut myself away from having friendships with people with cf as I always feared that these days would come!.. My blog is slowly turning into an marmoreal page and I'm hating that, lately I only seem to blog sadly when someone has passed away, and for someone who doesn't have many "cf friends" there slowly disappearing on me.

Beautiful Chloe who sadly took her last breath on Sunday afternoon was a lovely girl, she was always in hospital with me as a kid, always causing mischief, terrorising the nurses and doctors and running away from every physio in sight! She did make my hospital admissions rather exciting and interesting. As we moved onto the adult ward I didn't see her as much, mainly due to the segregation and I'd hibernate in my room mainly, but if often see her in the kitchen. She struggled with her weight a long time before they could list her for transplant and sadly after being on the list she just didn't get the call in time, I saw and spoke to her on my last admission and bless her she was such a fighter and could see she wasn't giving up but there's only so much your body can take I suppose!

My heart goes out to her family, loved ones and many friends. She will be greatly missed!! And il always remember that cheeky little girl standing at my door on the children's ward!!
RIP Chloe Elliot xxxx

Anyone reading this I also want you to pray for another friend of mine Sam, she's going through such a rough time at the moment and has currently been suspended from the transplant list die to broken ribs and cannot be listed until they heal, so lots of healing vibes need to be sent her way so she can be listed again as things aren't getting easier for Sam, she needs those lungs so badly, she's been waiting a long time now, a few years but although she is not awake much at the moment when she was she told luke (her husband) that she's not letting cf beat her!! She's amazing and I know she can get through this, she's a true inspiration and after obstacle and obstacle she's still fighting strong!!

Her blog is on the side of mine, it's called end of my tether
Really good read, her blogs are better written than mine and also written by her husband when times got very scary for her! Please read!

All of this makes me appreciate how lucky I've been with getting kalydeco, and going from being in a pretty dangerous state myself and manage to get through it and be stable now, can't help but feel guilty, why was I the lucky one? But like I've said before it makes me want to live life to the max and never give up!!

On that note.....

Please sign up for organ donation if you haven't, your more likely to need an organ than you will ever donate, so if you would take an organ then be willing to give one when you die!!

And tell your family and loved ones your wishes as they have the finally say no matter what your choice is!! They can still say no!

Love to all x

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