Thursday, 13 June 2013



In the sunshine soaking up some beautiful rays, what better time to write a little blog for a catch up! 
So the last few blogs haven't been the happiest, and not something I'm fond of writing about ESP so close to one another.
So here's how things are going in George's world of CF!

Well they say know news is good news which is correct, I have been feeling perfect at the moment, and before coming to Spain on holiday my weight was at its highest  in a while of 40kg and so was my lung function of 24%.
The clear Spanish sea air is also working wonders for these little lungs of mine aswell-oxygen and wheelchair free, so all in all I am we'll in control of this CF business at the moment!

Coming to Spain this time was the first time I have used oxygen on flight from a tank and to everyone who needs oxygen for flying I highly recommend doing this in future instead of using a portable concentrator. 
Normally on a flight I still struggle with the lack of oxygen, about an hour into the flight my breathing becomes very tight and fast and I'm completely exhausted after a 2 and half hour flight....however this time I felt amazing the whole way thru, my breathing was relaxed and calm I drunk lots of alcohol and even that didn't effect my breathing, walked off the plane, whilst my husband was getting the car hire sorted I even managed to get both our large suitcases off the belt, push them to lift, in out of lift and meet my hubby by the car hire place, although he told me off for doing so I was still going strong breathing wise lol and then sat on the suitcases whilst he pushed us to the car...(that was laziness lol) 

Spain has been lovely every day I think how lucky I am to be able to still come away and do all this, how life could have been so different!  

The only time I have used oxygen was after getting stuck in the apartment block lift!
My childhood fear had always been getting stuck in one, I remember watching causality when I was younger and there was an episode where they got caught in one and the whole thing just dramatised me, as I've got older I kinda grown out of it, but every time I walk in I always feel a little bit unsure.

So we came back from dinner the other night and the usual called the lift and got in, pressed level 4 and we started moving, I always watch the number on the digital screen go up for each level...
Level 1- gone
Level 2- gone
Level 3 gone...then stop
Press level 4 again, lift moves a bit then stops.... Press it again and nothing.....
My heart starts racing...so we press the alarm and you gotta keep holding it,


Then keep pressing...nothing...then it sounded like it was connected to a phone line but like a busy tone....by this point I'm proper shitting myself its a tiny lift, about 3-4 people size...so we keep pressing and pressing and nothing know one answering or coming...then we start shouting hola hola hello hello lol and pressing button hola hola hello hello stuck in the lift....finally I hear a man shout hello and we said were stuck in lift and he said ok ok il go get security....so we carry on pressing alarm hoping for some sort of response, by this time were both feeling pretty claustrophobic, and it's getting really hot in there and I'm really panicking I can feel my breathing getting tighter and tighter, there felt like no air in the lift, then I start thinking I'm not going to last if we're stuck in hear for hours.

Finally which felt like forever the man came back by this point lee was freaking me out by trying to open the lift door but it would only open a few cm's, the guy came back with security, so there all there trying to open lift doors, then we can see we're stuck between level 3 and 4..BRILLIANT 

There pulling at the door then security goes up to level 4 try's opening the door, all I can think is its getting hot I'm shit scared and what happens if the lift just drops hahaha so I'm sitting on the floor of the lift trying to keep calm haha 

Then they managed after a while to get the doors open and there it is as clear as anything both levels...so next fear I'm going to have to climb out to level 3...then final destination comes into my head ( really need to stop watching tv lol) if we climb out what happens if lift decides to start working whilst getting out then traps us and slices body in half or head or something hahaha...so lee jumps out...right well he's in one piece..now my turn...I don't jump I just get lee to carry me out and finally I'm free...with ALL body parts hahaha and I thanked people for there help but never rushed back to the apartment so quick...I practically ran up them stairs, breathing was a mess, got straight in and sat on oxygen for a good 30 mins.

Was defo something I don't want to rush and do again anytime soon! 

Looking back that all sounds a bit dramatic but trust me if that guy hadn't had heard us god knows we would prob still be there hahaha

Day after we went to a crocodile park and we both go to hold one, that was pretty cool, felt like Steve Erwin or whatever his name was...

Now just making the most of the sunshine until we return to raining cloudy cold England! 

That's all my exciting news for now...prob be another few months until I blog hahahaha il try not too my life's pretty boring now I'm well ;) 

Adios from espanol xxxx