Saturday, 8 March 2014

Random chitty chatty

Feeling a moan or just to talk utter shite so I suppose having a blog is a good place to let it all out!! 

So I'm basically just pissed off with my body at the moment, it's not living up to "George standard" lol 

Ever since I started the drug Kalydeco I never get that horrible sick feeling and barely get sick, and trust me, leading up to transplant and whilst waiting I spent many days, months and years suffering it!! I was on every anti sickness going! 

But since Kalydeco like I said I don't get any of that luckily anymore...well up until recently and my god I forgot how awful it is! It's no way as bad as it use to be and I managed to get pass the sickness and still eat but I literally can't deal with it lol I'm eating my dinners at night mainly and just before I sleep I end up chucking it up!? It's not every night but it's unusual for me now.

I have had such a bad chest pain since 15th feb in my top left side lung, I've been to a&e, my hospital had X-rays and ct scan and nothing is showing up, fed up with it now tbh! I get chest pains all time but they tend to go within a few days arghh. But at clinic the other day my weight was good almost 40kg and my lung function was 23% which isn't bad for me either!? So over all pretty good so god knows what's going on at the mo! 

Had an interesting convo with the doctor at clinic aswell. Now I'm not a baby person, I'm not maternal, nor do I want kids, thankfully the feeling is mutual  between myself and my hubby! However I'm quite realistic about life and how things can change, I know I've changed a lot since I was a teen and my opinions could very well change again, although I really can't see it happening anyways so I know I could never have a baby naturally- thank god the whole process freaks the hell out of me, but I have thought about freezing my eggs, or at least asked about the process, you just don't know what could happen in future and whilst my health is stable I thought if it's something I'm serious about then I should see if it's possible. 
So I asked but I've heard my consultant isn't too keen and it does sound like an uncomfortable and horrible process, and you have to be put under a general anaesthetic which is not very safe for someone of my lung function, I'd have to talk to the right people and be serious about everything as it's not something easy. I just want to make sure as I'm getting older I'm not going to live in regret! 

Anyways I have a lovely appointment at Chelsea and Westminster hospital this month with a gynaecologist to help me for my periods as they are making me so unwell each month, apparently they have recognised that for CF woman each month they are due on it actually makes pseudomonas worst which makes you feel or actually have a chest infection or something along them lines, so at least now I know why I get so unwell I can do something about it! 

All fun and games having CF as if us ladies don't have it hard enough!! haha 

That's enough chitty chatty