Friday, 18 April 2014

A reason to blog- stuck in hospital! :(

I actually have a reason to write instead of feeling the need to not neglect this once very active blog! 

So my health situation recently...

As I mentioned in my previous post about going to see a gynaecologist to help with chest infection relating to pre period etc. So he agreed that was the best idea to start me on a pill called microgynon. Had to wait for my first day of cycle to take course.

Anyways after that appointment I started feeling unwell surprise surprise I was leading up to my period but was generally more chesty and didn't have much energy so decided to start home ivs to give myself a boost-I also thought then I'd be on top form for starting this pill to see if it really would stop me from getting unwell each month due to flare up with Pseudomonas. 

So I went up to Lind ward to be seen by drs and get needle accessed, can't remember what my infection markers were- don't think they were that high but slight dip in lung function if 21% ( my best is 25%) and weight was 39kg so I was started on two weeks of ceftazidime and tobramycin, and started feeling much better, I finished on the two weeks as felt so much better. 

So that was the Friday 4th April. 
Before finishing ivs I started the pill on the 1st April. 

On the 7th I started feeling more breathless, tired, walking upstairs was exhausting, But thought maybe was having a bad day or possibly had something to do with the pill because it was all the signs I get before starting my period each month, and stupidly read up the side effects and it all added up, basically gives you that period feeling again anyway so contacted hospital to say I'm stopping it, make sure they were happy for me to do so...the next day I had the strangest thing happen to me. 

Around 7pm  I randomly started having a sneezing fit, followed by my eyes becoming extremely itchy and watering, then my lungs felt itchy on the inside (I know very odd) so itching my chest ribs etc was doing nothing to help they felt really warm, then my legs became itchy and my feet, I started panicking because it was a feeling I'd only ever experienced before after a drug reaction, I called lee and said I feel weird, something's  not right!! 
Then I took a hayfever tablet, then my nose became more itchy, the front of my chest and neck went all red and warm and unbelievably itchy, then my throat went itchy, then everything just closed up my troat felt swollen I couldn't breathe. So lee ran and got my oxygen. I kept coughing so hard which helped with the itchy throat, I sat on the oxygen. I'd run out of portable oxygen so couldn't go to a&e...I'm organised as ever! 

After about 5 mins I got lee to get my Sats monitor to see what they were, but they were in 80s and I normally react to oxygen well so I started thinking this wasn't right, almost called ambulance but then I just thought by time they get here il prob be fine and I hate wasting there time! 
Anyways after hour or so my Sats came up to 96% on oxygen. 

It was so random, I hadn't taking anything, I'd literally been sat there watching hollyoaks...mystery. 

So I decided to contact hospital cause I felt lifeless the rest of the week, I'd already told them I wasn't feeling great but blamed the pill lol. 
Was adiment I wasn't going back on ivs- felt cheated I just done two weeks of them and felt so good, would no way of finished if I thought I wasn't well enough! 

So that brings me to Wednesday. I actually had felt a bit better that day it was the previous day on Tuesday I looked and felt like dealth!!

I've been struggling with hayfever which I've never had in my life ever since that "smog" happened a few weeks back. I was getting really bad night sweats, I literally would wake up in the middle of the night and it was like someone had thrown me in a pool! I was feverish all the time, feeling freezing with temperature. Chest was just awful, Sats would be ok then just drop to 85% I normally sit at 96-97% resting. 

So I went to Lind ward like I said on Wednesday in hope to go home on some orals to try get over whatever's going on. 

I'd lost more weight that was 38kg. 
Sats were 93% which isn't too bad. 
Saw doctor and she said I need to start ivs again and come in or do home ivs. I really didn't want to do either, it was so frustrating!! anyways she said let's see lung function, after I'd done X-ray and bloods. 

My lung function is what changed my mind. It was 18% I was shocked tbh it was worse than before ivs- I just broke down into tears (hormones all over the place I don't normally cry ha) I knew I needed to do ivs then. 
But then they wouldn't let me go home on them I had to come in, she said I looked drained! But typically there was no beds on foulis, but they had a side room on Lind ward, I had no idea they do there little sleep studies on people between monday-Friday so I stayed up there, the staff were lovely and I got a massive room with TV, felt bit sorry for the people outside on the ward but hey Ho, the only down side was the toilet was a bit far and no kitchen on the ward. 

So was moved to foulis yesterday afternoon. 

My infection levels are 89 so not too bad but not great either, white blood count 26? Still don't understand all that lol. 

They have started me on tobramycin again but put me on aztreonam to give me a break from cerf, also started 20mg of prednisolone steroids to help-I'm so anti steroids but I need a boost and hoping to get off them quickly once it all kicks in! So il have a nice fat round swollen face in a day or so! Sexy!! 

I'm a bit worried about my Sats- I know to others i should be lucky but they seem to be staying at 89-91% just resting and after being on oxygen, not like me at all so hoping as I'm only day 2 things will all start kicking in and this chest picks up ASAP I'm so exhausted from coughing all night I ache just breathing, so let's see what the weekend brings! 

Love love 

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