Friday, 27 June 2014

Still here..

To all my fellow bloggers, don't you want to scream with frustration when you spend a while writing a post and you have really gone into detail and written so much then pow the iPad crashes and and you go back on it and it's disappeared....yeah that just happened and yeah I do want to scream the ward down! ......ANYWAYS!! 

So I'm day 7(8 depending on what time I post this entry now) 
And usually at this point I've either packed my bags and ready to go, or left already buzzing full of energy and feeling on top of the world!! 

So that hasn't quite happened yet, things seems to be taking a little longer to get sorted. All the numbers are showing the right stuff, infection markers are right down in the 30s, my lung function has increased to 22% even though the drs aren't sasitified with that, they want it higher, but I'm not not feeling like I've had a weeks worth of ivs, today admitidly I have felt my best! I've been stuck on an aminophylline drip since Monday night and it's doing my head in now, I'm just stuck in bed 24/7 because what else can I actually do, I have the worse pump stand with wheels that seem to have a mind of there bloody own, even going to the toilet is a battle with this stupid thing! 

There refusing to take me off it unless I agree to steriods which is a big NO NO, I'm sick of relying on steriods just to get well, it's a false effect, they just replace one problem for about 3-4 other problems. I feel like a ticking time bomb on steriods like I'm just going to argue or snap all the time, they depress the hell out of me, my skin always feels tender and sore on them, I obviously get a very sexy round moon shape face, and I'm just not feeling that right now, I don't need steroids to get better there just a quick fix but once you come off them you get unwell again cause your body relys on it! So until these drs break I'm stuck on this drip, but were reviewing it tomorrow which could mean I get my own way, I'm fed up of peeing every 5 mins from all the fluids and having to have bloods every day just to check the levels!! Lol 

Anyway like I said I felt better today so managed to get off the drip for a few hours as I requested from the drs, for my sanity I needed to escape, mum and I went to the cinema down Fulham road and watched "the fault in our stars" such a good film and lots I can relate too, I read the book last week, would defo recommend!  It's got me thinking a lot but that's a post for another night, I'm in the middle of my ivs and I can feel myself getting sleepy now. 

Will update again to finish this post, bit of a pointless one but I've gone from having this all in my head what I want to write and feeling wide awake to my eyes literally barely staying open-the joys of drugs!! The originally post being lost didn't help!! Lol
Night all much love 


  1. Just reading a fault n our stars now. Some of it is very close to home and I feel a bit weepy at points! really hope you get out soon, I was in a right angry mood the other week is hospital coz like you say having one drug creates side effects which then need other drugs and its a spiral!

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