Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Love Worth Giving- kickstarter

Ive been a bit slow on writing this quick blog as ive not been good over the pass weeks but that's for another post!

Ends this Friday so not long left to help so very late on getting the word out there but I thought better late than never and I'm feeling up to writing on here a bit. 

I was approached by a very lovely lady who wanted to see if I could help spread the word on this lovely video/documentary about a dear friend of mine who lost her battle to cf whilst waiting for a double lung transplant, her name was Sam Yates! 

Anyone who knew her, knew of her gentle kind heart and how thoughtful and kind she was, even on the days where she was finding it hard to cope with, she always managed to be there to help others struggling too!

My last memory of Sam when I properly got to speak to her last was on her birthday and she demanded I taste her red velvet birthday cake, which she made her lovely husband luke delivery to my room on foulis ward a couple doors down! 
She was right, the cake was amazing! Our convos became less after that and more between Luke and I, I miss her beautiful uplifting smile and her positive attitude to life! More people should inspire to be like Sam! 

Kind of drifted about the kickstarter campain, it's telling the story of sam and Luke and now how Luke has to carry on his life sadly without Sam, but spreading the word and raising awareness for organ donation! Why it's so important to become a donor! Please help donate whatever money you can so we can get this amazing campaign on the go! And let Sams legacy live on!! Please watch the video, it show my beautiful friend!! 


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