Sunday, 19 July 2015

Night before my stent and port fitting!

So tomorrow is my stent and portacath procedure! 
  1. "A stent is a small mesh tube that's used to treat narrow or weak arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from your heart to other parts of your body. A stent is placed in an artery as part of a procedure called percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), also known as coronary angioplasty."

  1. "A portacath is a small stainless steel chamber filled with a rubbery membrane that closes over itself, which is placed under the skin on the chest."

    Little explaination and pictures for anyone who doesn't know what they are! 
I'm getting really nervous now! I wasn't bothered before about being put under, and was over the moon and the fear was completely wiped away, but now it's getting closer I'm thinking about the risk side of things! 
I mean there is always risks to things and out of everyone I'm the least likely person to focus on that, but it has started niggling away at me over the weekend, im only human! 

Then there's the shallow side of me, when I wake up and find out where it has been placed! 
And then there's the pain side of things... Another painful few days, and adjusting to sticking an injection into my stomach  for blood thinners, Ive seen someone do it before and I use to cringe at it then and wondered how they had the courage to actually do it!! 
I never thought in a million years I would be able to do that myself, or would be put in a situation where I needed too! 

Jheeze it took me for ever to build up the guts to prick my finger for a blood sugar hahaha, it's just not right having a needle and stuff come out of it and it not go into a vein!! Lol it's only for a week to adjust and get the levels correct then I get switched onto tablets. 

Then weeks of getting use to the new port placement, adjusting to the positioning. 
I will be completely comparing it to my last port and prob talking myself into finding every fault I can possible haha
Just gives me something to moan to my poor mum about! Hahaha
So for everyone that thinks I don't moan and I get on with things....never ask my mum hahahahaha

It's just one of those weeks coming up that I wish I could fast forward like 4 weeks time when every thing will have settled by then, and healed and il be used to it all! 

On a brighter note, my cousin sally, her gorgeous son sebby and my auntie Cathy traveled down tonight from Manchester/lake district and it was the perfect thing to distract me! 
Before they arrived I started to become very agitated and couldn't relax! 
They will be with me and mum before I head down to theatre tomorrow! 
Still don't know a time for it all, could be anything from 9am onwards. For hunger reasons I hope it's early, but then again for pain reasons I hope it's later! 
I got gorgeous cuddles with little man before they left, was way past his bed time but was so glad they still came tonight! 
He loves the camera! You can tell he's a De Le Vinge, it's in his genes!!! Ha

Once they left I ran myself a lovely hot bath with radox stress free bubbles, was so nice, washed blowed dried hair as I'm guessing I prob won't wash for a few days now. And started my ivs. 

My appetite has been a bit rubbish last few days, nurse said it could be worrying about tomorrow without realising it. But I've pushed myself to eat some yogurts, cheese string and dairy lea Dunkers ha because I'm nil by mouth at midnight, so i no typically if I didn't push myself to eat I would be starving once it gets to 12! 
They are giving me a bag of fluids over night aswell. 

Mum and Sally coming early to be with me! So fingers crossed I don't turn into a complete cry baby like last time!! 

So I kinda have to mention this on my blog as it would be weird not to after the incredible reaction I have had from it! 

For anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog and doesn't know me, I set up a Just Giving page on Thursday night, and within 21 hours I had reached and gone over my original target of £1000!! 

I was completely gobsmacked it had kicked off so quickly, I set the page up to run until the end of the year and I even thought £1000 was pushing my luck! 
I feel very proud, so happy to raise so much and a bit cheeky because I haven't done anything!! 
The kindness and generosity from people has blown me away, and I have received such lovely messages from people! 

Like I said on my giving page, a lot of the time these pages are set up in memory of loved ones, which is great, but I want to make a difference while I am still around to see it! 
It's so great to be able to watch it happen, I felt like an excited kid at xmas after opening each present! 
I downloaded the just giving app onto my phone and every time I had a donation I would get a little money sound, it was so exciting! 

But now I have gone past my target, I don't want it to stop there! 
If I can raise that much in under 24 hours, what can we achieve until the end of the year!?

I'm sure people will be sick to death of my face popping up on their news feeds. But in my opinion Cystic Fibrosis is still not out in the media enough!
Not considering it is still destroying so many young lives! 

The life expectancy has gone up to 40 now which is fantastic!.... But I barely know any CF people in their 40s, and I certainly know a lot more CF people who sadly didn't even make it to my age!!! And let's face it, I'm getting closer to it becoming a very short time limit unless I get a call for some new lungs! 

The reality is harsh but this is why it is so important to raise money for the Trust, the money is used for many reasons but most importantly it funds research for new and improving drugs and the big word "cure" 

So I have upped the target to £2000 hoping to reach that, it would be fantastic!

I have my own unique text code for my page 
Text SPRO98 £5/10 to 70070 

(All money goes directly to the CF Trust, but the total is added onto my page) 

This is the link for my page- https://www.justgiving.com/Sproglet8 
feel free to visit and leave some love! Xx 

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