Thursday, 23 July 2015

Operation done!

So I'm told every thing went well I'm not sure how long I was under for but I think it was a couple of hours. 
I didn't go down until 2pm and I was so ready to get it over with by that point, all morning I was craving a redbull, I wasn't even scared or nervous by that point, I was so focused on being hungry and thirsty! 

I had lee, mum, Cathy, Sally and Seb all morning to keep me distracted and it really did help. Before Cathy and Seb arrived we all had a game of cards playing joker which was a good laugh and competitive! Haha and that other game where you have 7 cards and you have to get 4 of something and 3 of something. I dunno but again good distraction! Also lee brought me the best balloon ever!! I think I have a balloon obsession!! So feel free to give me balloons whenever! Haha

When I came around I was in recovery and I remember staring at the clock, it was 6pm and I was then hit with the hunger!
She gave me some water and In my head I was just like god I'm sick of water (at least I hope I said that in my head) and she asked if I wanted juice! 
Now she was talking! Haha 
I haven't drunk a drink so quick in my life but the apple juice felt amazing in my mouth ha then she got me some custard cream biscuits and I ate them so quickly! 

They called the ward but mum and lee had popped out to where Cathy and Sally were staying as the ward didn't want little Seb, baby  around I don't think.
The nurse looking after me in recovery asked if I wanted to call them to let them know they could come to see me, I'm terrible wife I dont know my hubby's number off by heart so rung mum. 

Before they came I had an X-ray so I'm guessing that was to check all was ok in the right place, kinda hoped they had done one before waking me up incase it wasn't haha

Lee and mum arrived with my phone! :) and then I started ordering the Chinese again! Haha 

Got back to the ward around 7.45-8 and Chinese came not long after! I was dosed up on anti sickness, iv morphine, tramadol the lot but I was feeling wide awake, they had given me a steroid injection when I was under to help boost me because I had been under GA. 
I remember saying to my family that I felt like I and a long neck and felt lighter, like pressure had gone, could I have already felt the benefit from the stent?? Who knows but it's felt so good! 
Lee stayed a bit longer after mum and Sally left after 9. And then the tiredness hit me and that was it could barely keep my eyes open. So lee left as I went off to sleep on my bipap. 

I was sick a bit during the night but that was prob due to the drugs but slept quite well, I was very aware not to move much and woke up in pretty much the same position I feel asleep in! 

The next day I woke up buzzing. Totally not what I was expecting at all! Eating well, I still had that pressure free/light feeling in my head it was lovely! I was in a lot of pain still but I was very hyped, maybe the effects of the steroid iv still. 

My sats were amazing 98 on 3 litres which was great to be able to go down to 3 litres after being on 5 for a while now! My heart rate was 82! Incredible! I was thinking wow I can't believe how much this vein has been causing me problems and putting strain on my heart and lungs! 

Spent the day with family and got to see the lovely apartment that my family where staying at opposite the hospital! Was lovely and the weather was nice so sat outside in the sunshine! 

So all in all Tuesday was good, when I saw the Dr we said as long as I carry on like this maybe I could go home Friday and get my picc line out aswell! That really excited me, get my arm back! 
Oh and good news I don't have to take blood thinners with the stent so added bonus!

Now to yesterday. Woke up not feeling good at all!! Was gutted and felt like crap! Mum came to see me at 10am and first thing she said was wow you don't look good and my face was swollen!! 

Before mum came, I couldn't move when I woke up, I was in so much pain I couldn't even sit up to take my bipap mask off and swap over to my nasal cannula for oxygen! 
I luckily had the buzzer  right next to me and called my nurse! 
The lovely student nurse came in and quickly realised I wasn't good, she helped me take off bipap and swap over and then I was able to tell her I needed pain relief, iv morphine was the quickest! So off she went to get my nurse! 

So by the time mum had arrived I was exhausted and ready for a sleep again! 
I spent an hour with Sally, Cathy and Seb before they all went home etc! 

Mum stayed for the afternoon before lee took over later. The day was a bit of a blur really, I was very painful but once pain meds kicked in I did manage to have a bath, I wanted to get the tagederm off my port and let the air get too it but couldn't get it wet so washed with it on and then took it off after! 

Was dying to have a proper nose at the port placement but I have to say I'm over the moon with where it is. Really hidden! Mr Chong kept his word, although whoever stitched me up needs a little lesson on stitching, pulled really tight and looks a bit funny like! 
I have dissolvable stitches in side but they have to be cut on the outside after 10 days, he's tied a little bow! Ha I think my port one is stitches inside and glued outside! 

After lee left me yesterday I went to sleep and woke up hour later really swollen, pressure in my head and veins all coming out! I was like wtf this shouldn't be happening, called my nurse and she said maybe it's cause I was coughing, but everyone had gone home and all my numbers on obs were good so likely on call Dr wouldn't say much anyways. 
I kept an eye on how I felt in the evening but it did calm down. 

This morning I woke up massive. Without coughing I felt so much pressure. I called healthcare assistant and showed him and he agreed, it was like the hulk!! I became really worried because the stent was to stop all this and now I have the port in again! I told my nurse. 

When I did my little walk around the ward with Physio I saw Chris and asked him to comr see me, I also felt really faint after my walk and my Physio went and told him after she left me and then Chris came straight in. 
Explained exactly what happened and how I felt. I didn't want to be that person to over react, it's so not like me, but I don't want to leave it and something go wrong when I'm home etc and it really worried me and it was painful when you get all that pressure building up in my head! 

Also my sats are back to 90-92 but still on 3 litres so that's good instead of it being that on 5 litres and heart rate back to 100-117. 

Chris said he was going to speak to Dr Taylor who had fitted the stent and suggest what to do and to see what imagery we need to do to see the blood flow to make sure everything's positioned ok and working well etc etc. 
he didn't come back today and the plan originally was to go home tomorrow. 
Hopefully I'll have a good night and things don't flare up again but I'm not running out of here unless things are sorted, when I leave this time I want more than a few hours or a week out of here! Need to spend some time at home with hubby and family, and enjoy some summer before all the winter bugs start arriving!! 

Will update if anything crazy happens ha but no news is good news! 
Love to all x


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