Sunday, 11 October 2015

7 weeks post tx In the Lake District

New lungs visit the lakes! 

So this weekend has been the best, I spent the weekend in the Lake District! 

I have an amazing family who spent most of the time down south at Harefield whilst I was there, even when I couldn't handle visitors and physically and emotionally wasn't up to seeing anyone, they were still in the background! They dropped there lives to be around! 

I was so emotional buggered after my transplant I was in a bubble and didn't want to see anyone other than mum and lee! 

So it was only fair that instead of them traveling down AGAIN to see me since I've had my lungs, mum and I decided to venture up the beautiful north! 

I haven't spoken on the phone or seen them in person since I have these new puffers, so it was a massive shock and very emotional and exciting when they got to see me! 

Mum and I stopped off at knutsfords first and had a lovely pizza express with the Anglins! Then we surprised little Amelie from school as she didn't know we were coming up! She was mega excited and ran over and shouted across the playground "Georgina this is my teacher" and then ran over all excited then ran off to play on the climbing frames! 

I spent half the  journey up the m6 on the way to the Lake District with a 5 year old nattering away! I'm deaf so I didn't get half the conversations, but the smile, nod and saying ok and aww and really at certain times seem to work just fine! 
Then we played guess who, and then finished off with eye spy! Then she slept the rest of the way! 

You can always tell when your up north... You get the smell of cow shite! But weirdly it's comforting and feels like home! 

I was born in Lancaster as mum was staying up In the lakes when I decided to pop out! So i spent the first few months of my life up there and a lot of my childhood! So I always feel like the lakes has a small part of home in my heart! And I always feel so free and safe here! 

We decided not to tell my uncle we were coming up. We got to the house before they were coming home from a holiday in Spain. It was dark so we decided to turn all the lights off and hide in the hall way. My auntie knew and she opened the door and we came out shouting surprise!!! Was such a lovely moment! 

We spent the evening drinking lots of wine, Chinese and being told stories of Harefield! 
Was the weirdest feeling hearing stuff, I learnt so much more about the whole experience I had no idea about! 
I still don't feel connected to the stories! 
 By the end before I got the go ahead for my lungs, I was so focused on getting thru each day/ hour, each breath, every time a surgeon or consultant would come in, I had this energy that just came out of know where! I had to, I had to prove to them I could do this and hope they wouldn't write me off! 
I didn't want to be too unwell that they wouldn't transplant me! I had everything going against me! But I had the determination! There's no way I was giving up for shit!! 

But hearing the stories of what was going on around me that I was unaware of. Conversations that were being had. Thoughts people were having! I was so unaware of it all! 
I knew I was bad but hearing it back just feels like they are talking about someone else! 

Anyway back to my lovely weekend! 
So I esp brought some kiddies north face hiking boots for this weekend as I was determined to make the most of the beautiful place and get these new lungs so Cumbrian Clean air!! And also get these bloody legs into gear! 
And I did! 

My head still panics and thinks I can't do these things but I so can! I keep forgetting to breathe properly, I'm getting better and learning to take deep breaths when I'm walking! I went up some steep hills at the start of the weekend, and wow did I feel it! My lungs were getting out of breath, but I've been told this is good cause gets them working! But it's so weird because if I stop to recovery it takes like less than a minute and I'm brand new again! 
Now THAT would never happen before!! 
We also found the cutest little swing on route! 

I walked so far, right into Windermere and rewarded myself with cheesy nachos and a pina colada and 2 bellinis! 

We also saw a few people we knew and I stole their gorgeous doggy! 

Couldn't drink before I had my transplant, it would get me out of breath and I would struggle to breathe just after a few slips. I would either have to drink and get wasted or not drink at all! 
So now I can drink, and drink...and drink! And guess what....not in the slightest bit out of breath! 
I can't tell you how great that feeling is!! 
Like I said many times previously, it's the small things!!

So I've taken full advantage and drunk a lot! Didn't make me feel drunk though! 
Maybe I'm just hardcore now! And the Irish Somerville gene is coming out In me!! 
Or maybe my donor could handle her drink ;) 

Before I traveled up there we stopped at Harefield to have my bloods done for tac levels and found out that they are still 5 something, same as Monday even though I'd increased from 2mg twice a day to 3mg twice a day. But I knew I'd need to play about a bit as I was on verconazole before which stopped on Saturday and that increases your tac levels. Anyway so now I am on 5mg in the morning and 4mg at night and back to Harefield just for bloods on Monday morning! 

That evening Sally, James, Sebby and dom joined us and was very emotionally seeing Sally and them all, not seen them since pre tx that I was aware of! 

So Saturday afternoon I tackled the well know hill in Windermere called Orrest Head! Hill is an understatement in my opinion so I'm going to call it a mountain! It was so steep!! It's at the back of my auntie and uncles house and the back way up is not forgiving! So steep, I don't think I've ever used leg muscles like it before and my ankles were in bits and I was exhausted but there was no way I wasn't doing it! We took some breaks up which was perfect selfie moments of course!! We had lots of fun! 
Warning lots of photos haha 

A little bench perfect for a rest! Haha 

And another bench to moan about my ankles!! Hahaha 

As I made the last bit of the trek some of my family had gone on ahead and just myself nics and uncle preps (paul) were together and everyone clapped as I got to the top!! 

Very embarrassing ESP when behind everyone was my lovely CF friend Blaire who was also in Windermere the same weekend, sat there with her oxygen on! More of an achievement she made it up there, I would never have done hat pre transplant! 

Was amazing to finally meet Blaire, we have been Facebook friends for a while now! 
We shouldn't really meet because of cross infections but we kept our distance and on top of a hill/mountain with lots of fresh clean air was the best place to meet!! 

So we celebrated with some bubbles and pictures true jewsburys style! 

I love this photo of mum and I 

Then we went back down and chilled for the rest of the afternoon evening with some lovely food and strictly come dancing! Haha my auntie Cathy has got me into it now! Haha 

I've also been terrorised  this weekend! My voice is getting stronger and apparently I sound like Stacey Solomon at the moment! OH MY GOD!! Haha 

So today is home day! And my uncles birthday! We did pressys and cake and lite the candles on the cake 3 times! Once for my uncle, once for Amelie and then I was made to blow out the 3rd time! 18 candles and I done 17 at once haha there's always one aye!  
This is little sebby, he's 1 in Nov and this is the first picture of us without me having oxygen on! And I look a bit healthier! :)

We then went for a walk down to the beautiful lake, obviously took more pics! 

Such beautiful views and scenery 

And then went for lunch! 
Was so lovely but typically my tummy decided after starter it was going to play up! I was so gutted I ordered a lovely WELL cooked steak as not allowed raw medium anymore :( but I got the worse cramps and bloated out so much I couldn't handle it! And it was so yummy too. 
It got so bad I felt sick and could barely talk! 

We decide a way to leave early and set off back down south as we had a long journey ahead of us! 

Well we left at 2 and I'm writing this blog now at 7-8ish and we haven't even got to the m6 toll yet the traffic has been horrendous!! But the weekend was worth it! 

So thanks my gorgeous weekend! I have left north with more muscles and hopefully stronger lungs for the week ahead!! 


  1. Great blog Georgina.I have cf and know how hard it can be.You certainly seem and look a lot more positive than myself(need to learn from you).All the best and keep up the good work

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