Saturday, 14 November 2015

Busy bee!

Yoooo mofos!! 

So waking up to this miserable Saturday morning with the news covered with hatred in the world over the Paris attacks, after the scumbags did what they did! 
I woke up in a massive sneezing fit, and freaked out after coughing up some nasty green stuff! 
I'm not a worrier, I'm so chilled about stuff majority of the time but this sent me into a bit of a panic. I've spent my life coughing up lovely green bits from bug ridden, ruined CF lungs so I do feel highly dramatic when I panicked over the colour and quantity of this... But since transplant and being home this has only happened twice and within a few days! 
It's so unusually now to cough let alone cough and be productive! 
So there's me, that's it life is over I've got an infection, which is like OMG rejection that's it I'm dead!!.......
 And breathe...and get a grip a few seconds later I'm back to normal, less dramatic and calmer George mode!!

My temperature is fine only 36, my lung function is stable, I have stopped sneezing and I feel absolutely fine!! 
Obviously I have to be careful, I'm still a newbie to all this, but with all my figures good and it being a weekend there is no point in rushing around panicking like a loon! 
So I'm going to sit tight, wait for Monday contact them again and prob end up going to  have some bloods done to check everything! Obviously if I start feeling unwell or things change I won't be taking any chances- I'm in this for the long run!! 

So on some brighter news my cousin gave blood the other day!

 Very proud little cousin I was!! With all the transplant stuff and getting people to sign up to the register and be organ donors, it's very easy to forget how important giving blood really is and something you can do now to help people like myself and many thousands who need blood daily! 
For example earlier this year, my perfectly healthy sister, went to a&e after feeling really unwell and ended up having 4 blood transfusions!! So it really can happen to anyone and you might be in a position one day when you need it yourself!! 

So if you eligible to donate please please do go to your local blood bank!! If I could I 100% would!! 

Was at Harefield last week, all numbers back to normal. Tac was a teeny bit on low side so on 6mg twice a day now. All other drugs started back to normal! 
We had lunch with my auntie and cousins little one too which was lovely! They have some good pubs around her way!! 
Mums great photo skills haha

My gorgeous, annoying hubby Lee turned the big 30 last weekend! He's like and old man, didn't want to do anything, didn't want to go out for drinks, and the bastard didn't even want to go to watch fireworks! Haha so his actually birthday was on the Sunday. 
He's so fussy with food and trying new places Incase he doesn't like it so i arranged with a few friends to take him to good old Nandos on the Saturday evening as he was working the day, Then we enjoyed creams after! 

It was nice to see them too!! I'm a fatty now as you can see, the steroid cheeks are growing!! 

Really fun evening...for the bits I could hear!! The famous smile knod and agree at the right times, although lee likes to announce that I haven't got a fucking clue was going on! Haha 

So the next day, the birthday day, I had booked clay shooting for lee and I to do together! Lee and the boys had been terrorising me the night before saying I would take off after the gun goes off, so I was feeling a little apprehensive about it all! I was so excited at the same time and lee loves shooting, and now I'm well it nice to do something as a couple together! 
We had a wicked teacher called Trevor!

Was so much fun! And I did manage to hit some clays, lee smashed it though!! I had to let him win it was his birthday ;) 

I was such a good wifey too I made him a nice chocolate cake 

The in the evening we went to see Jimmy Carr at Woking theatre, was good fun, well I didn't hear most of ithaha but lee was laughing and I joined in to look like I wasn't being miserable! Bloody deaf fuck I am! Hahaha 
There was actually loads of people there, we just took a selfie before they all got to there seats! 

This week I've felt like a right little busy bee! Been planning birthday night for my friend, also been organising some organ donations stands at local Xmas markets etc that my friend and I will be doing on the 27th/28th Nov! 
Very exciting been picking up posters and stands and trying to get more bits sent out! 
I love how there pink! 
Also lee was great, he took some signing up leaflets into work and managed to get 7 people signed up to the register! :) happy wifey! 

Also had my first Chinese since leaving Harefield with my lovely friend Caroline, as soon as I picked up and she got in the car she was like omg you look so well and had a big massive smile on her face, was so great to see her and have a big catch up and tell her about it all, I also showed her the draft of my letter for my donor family and she burst into tears bless her, I looked like I was being horrible to her or something haha and then I visited her mum after and she burst into tears after seeing me looks so well, and they were saying how my breathing is so different, and that I use to make this funny breathing noise but not anymore and how healthy I look now! 

I hate to see people upset, but it still shocks me to hear how people felt whilst I was waiting and how unwell I got, it just doesn't sink into me! 
Anyways was so lovely to see them and got wait to spend more healthy times with her now I'm not luging oxygen around and fun nights out! 

My tummy problems are getting better, I'm not blocked anymore just had an enlarged stomach, stopped the gastrografin! And just trying to see what works best for me! I still get massively bloated! I've upped my domperidone to 20mg 3 times a day now! So just going to see what happens! 

Need to get exercising more, and I'm going to cut back on how much food I've been eating! Ha spent my life being told I need to put on weight! Now that's not even an issue but for myself I don't want to be a roley poley!! Haha 
Me and mason having a slob day and you can see Chubby cheeks! 

So yesterday I enjoyed a long awaited lunch with two of my favourite girls! 
We all have CF and all had Double lung transplants! Veronica on the left was 9months yesterday, me almost 3 and Sharon 2 years and 3 months!! 
So nice to have friends who just get it, know exactly what your going through, who also look out for you and guide you in the right path! The dos and donts! These two are like big sisters to me!! 

Mucho loveo 

Sprog xx

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