Sunday, 22 November 2015

First nights out out post tx!!

Had the best weekend! 
So Thursday got my nails done and hair extensions put in too give me a bit of thickness as my hair is so thin! I had this pre transplant so I don't actually think it's because of the drugs yet, God help me when it does, il have no hair left on my head haha! 

Friday got my lashes done and in the afternoon I was asked to do an interview for eagle radio, local radio station in Guildford about organ donation! I get so nervous doing stuff like this, and I haven't actually heard the recording yet, thankfully it wasn't live but I think I went on a bit and spoke rubbish! We will see! 
Then later that evening got myself all dressed up for my bestie and her twins birthday!

 We arranged to go to Richmond theatre to watch a burlesque show! 
Lots of boobs and nipple tassels and feather bowers which I mistakenly called feather dusters...not so sexy!! 

Haha we had a right laugh and it's made me want to get on eBay and order some sparkle nipple tassels, mentioned it back in the summer when I spent most of the time with my boobs out, maybe il do it for my next echo at Harefield! Spice it up a bit Hahahaha 

I woke up hanging Saturday morning! Not going to lie, I didn't keep to the "1 unit" of alcohol...come on now that is so unrealistic, I'm a Somerville after all! 

So Saturday was spent hanging feeling sorry for myself, felt like I'd been punched in the head! Plus my lashes had irritated my eyes and they were all blood shot, I looked a state! Lee was working so mum came to rescue me and was my little cleaning fairy as the house was a mess where I had been getting ready and I had my friends holly and Natalie staying over that night to do it all again as we meeting more of my friends for a night out in Guildford!! 

I can't tell you how many hours I spent looking at the photos in my hospital room after my transplant knowing these days would come that once I got over the first few months I could be out enjoying myself and life again, reliving my youth which I had been robbed of thanks to my shitty lungs! Haha I just wanted to fast forward the months and here I am now doing it all and it feels fantastic!! 
The saying "loving life" is literally what I am doing right now! Haha

So it's safe to say I was an absolute mess Saturday! Holly Natalie and I had a few pre drinks at mine first

Then we went to beccas for more pre drinks and I made everyone drunk these cheapo shots! Haha 

We then got a taxi to Guildford! Was good fun! We got a nice little table at bar thirteen, my little sister Hannah met us there with her friend too, first night out with my baby sister!! Well she's 19 so not really a baby! 

Apprantly when I got home I decided to eat everything in sight! Like a crazy lady, I also manage to forget about 3 times that I had cooked and eaten onion rings as I kept putting on the oven gloves and opening the oven looking for them! Even though the oven was off! What a weirdo! I have no recollection of this happening or even remember getting home! Drunk farrrrr too much, but I woke up this morning with skips in my bed that I had stolen from Natalie after she had left them in the bathroom haha 

So I have clinic tomorrow and hoping everything will be good haha I think I may keep quiet about how mad I went over the weekend! Just keep to the 1 unit of alcohol rule hahaha 
I know my lungs have had a good bit of exercising from walking in these heels and shouting and singing so much! Haha
Also I have to see the ENT people about my voice, still not back to normal, so high pitched although being hungover actually makes me sound more normal! Haha somehow I don't think they will advise to get smashed everyday to sound better haha so I think I'm having a camera down my nose and throat to see the vocal cords see what going on! 
Also Im meant to be seeing my surgeon Aron too if he's free, about my swelling and narrowing vein as I'm still getting a lot of pressure and vein sticks out now and then, I can't lean over to put my shoes on or clean the bath for example as my head hurts so much feels like it's going to pop! 
So see what happens! 
I've finally written my letter to my donor, 3 pages long but I'm really happy with it! I really hope my donors family want to receive the letter and ESP before Xmas but I won't be too gutted if they choose not to! It's not about me now it's about them and what and how they need to deal with it! 

Mucho loveo 

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