Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Typical January person!

Yep the title says it all! 

So for the first time in my entire life I am now a member of the gym! Yep the old saying is coming out "New Year, New Me!!" Haha 
But I am entering this year with high expectations! And I am new...well parts of me! State the Obvs the lungs are pretty new! Im entering 2016 ALOT fatter, 11kg fatter to be precise!- thanks to mr Steriods! 
And I'm so full of life I cannot wait for what this year brings! Hopefully there will be much more highs than lows!! 

So New Year's Day we splashed out at gunwharf quays, well I manage to spend lees money far too easily! The problem with putting weight on, is that more clothes fit me now so it's easier to buy more! 
 My lovely little collection, we also had a yummy Nandos too! 

I've been walking lots recently, it's great having this Fitbit flex cause you can check how many steps you've done and if I've been lazy it gives me that push to go up and get out for a walk, which obviously my dog Mason is more than delighted with! Although I dragged him out in the rain the other day and we both got drenched! For a dog that walks around puddles he wasn't that impressed! But was very happy when I dried him and warmed him up with the hair dryer! Haha 

So I've had my fun eating over Xmas and the pass 5 months I'm now getting on this new year healthy eating malarkey! 

This arrived the other week Which I've heard so many great things about and the guy is pretty hot too! Love his little videos on Instagram! 

Joes wicks-lean in 15!! 

The food looks so yummy so I cannot wait to get cooking and trying all these out! 
I also cooked these breakfast muffins for tomorrow for lee and I and I tried one tonight and they're so yummy! 

And healthy too! Bacon, spinach, mushroom, Spring onion and Obvs eggs!! 
 So I think as long as I stick to it and get down that gym I should be onto something good here! 

Also it is time for me to get my teams together for great strides 65!! 
All signed up, now there's no backing out and will be a massive challenge! 40 miles! I want to complete the lot and I'm determined to do as much as I can and train my arse off! But we can do it in relays with our team! 
We have set up a just giving page and need to raise £2000 all together. 
So who's in teamsprog! 
2.My mum Anne 
3. My auntie Pamela 
4. My sister Libby 
5.Veronica! Also post transplant!
 This is our fund raising page so please share and donate! 

Check out my JustGiving Page for Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Help me raise more! http://www.justgiving.com/Teamsprog?utm_id=27

So watch this place #teamsprog 

I had my first clinic of the year on The 4th! Was a bit of a long day! We got there at 9, ready for bloods, some reason my name was rubbed off the board so bloods didn't get done for hours, so tac was a bit late that day! Then I had an echo! I especially brought some nipple tassels to wear as ya boobs are out Anyways! 

Was all ready, had a test run the night before, but mum wouldn't let me go ahead with it! Hahah she said it was inopropriate hahaha so no nipple tassels this time!! But one day they will be  making an appearance! Hahahaha 
At least my friends got a nice little preview the night before haha! 

So then had lung function and smashed it, my highest recording at Harefield so far 70% now!! Dead chuffed with that and cannot wait to get it even higher! 
I can't even remember when it was that high! my lung fucntion dropped to 30% when I was 9 years old and only got it up to about 40 but it's dropped again in my teens and never went back up! So it's been a long time!! 
And it's the best feeling ever! 

So waited the afternoon, was told to be back in clinic to be seen at 1.50! 4pm still there... 5pm still there then it was just us and a few other who had already been seen, one of the girls told the nurses I was still out there. All the Drs had left and forgotten about me haha so they had to call the dr back! Even the receptionist went home before I'd been seen! Haha 

Anyways it was all good news, all bloods were good kidneys working well! Tac levels all good still on 6mg morning and 5mg at night. And my cmv levels came back negative! 

All in all pretty good! I have been getting swelling in my left leg a lot, ESP when I sit in a chair with feet down for too long or after I walk half a mile or so, going to have a scan done on Monday to check it's all ok, and have to have the dresses acid reflux test thing! Been dressing it and thought I'd got away without having to have it done! Apart from all that I don't have to go back for actually clinic for 2 months whoop!! 

I've been very lucky so far! And hope it continues like this!! :) 

I'm bruising  like a peach though! Got my Toes done the other day and the woman asked what I had down to my toes, I was confused as to what she meant, they she showed me my toes, on both outter sides of my nail had come up in blood bruises!? So random, I've had no pain at all and don't remember my feet rubbing or anything! It's bizzar! After she filed them I took a pic to send to Harefield, Not putting it on here as there skanky! Haha

Was lucky enough to be invited to a special friends tony and his now wife Sophie's wedding down in Portsmouth, I've become quite close with them over the last few months, Tony is a right crack and he's been through hell and back and is bloody lucky to be here literally! At Xmas he was told he wasn't going to make it as around his new lungs he had got a fungal infection and it was likely to spread to his organs and kill him, against the odds they tried something they hadn't before, painful and exhausting treatment, but amazingly he reacted well to it and a month or so later he has been told the infection has cleared! 
His wedding made it even more special and I cried like a baby watching the ceremony! 
Their an amazing couple, and I'm so happy to call them my friends! 
Tony still in Harefield as he got rushed back after the wedding but is doing well! 

So I have been back and fourth for bloods a few times in clinic, after a little night out a few weekends ago for a friends birthday, I struggled to keep my tablets down! So levels were a bit low but all sorted now, and going to behave myself! 
Had a wicked night with some lovely crazy girls! 
Also enjoyed a very posh lunch at the tea terrace with my gorgeous girl, defo would recommend going there, it's in Guildford, at the top of house of Fraser!  The food was lush! 

Last week myself and holly started our little walks, we walked around Virginia waters! It was a lovely day and Mason enjoyed himself too with all the dogs and a good run!  

My gorgeous army boy! Haha 
I met the biggest dog ever!! 

Planning on going as much as possible to get ready for great strides! 
Also they do the best hot chocolate there :) 
Celebrated one of our friends birthday this weekend with a good old steak! 

I have finally started going to the gym! And I felt like I was going to do a Bridget Jones style after getting off the bike earlier! Haha I don't think I've ever worked that hard in my life and I've never sweated doing exercise but today I was a lot, so must of worked my arse off! 

Got some exciting things happening in the next few months and I cannot wait to show everyone! 

Looking forward to meeting the transplant girls on Friday in london for drinks! There will be 10 new lungs between us! Whey! 

And then I start my job on Saturday! So excited! Only doing one day a week to break me in, I haven't worked in 7 years and I cannot wait to get stuck right in again! Spent years wishing and hoping this day would come! 
And I've brought so many cute outfits to wear it's going to be a new adventure for me!! 

I've really been struggling with bloating at the moment and nothing seems to help, no matter how big or small, weather I take loads or little creon nothing helps. So I'm just going to try exercise as much as I possible  and try cut down on eating sooooo much! Not going to say a diet, but just cutting down! So will see what happens! 

Mucho loveo! 

George xx


  1. So lovely to hear about your continued recovery and excitement for life. So many ordinary people could benefit from a page from your book.... Those so fortunate to be able to breathe easy and live life, without really appreciating it.

    Enjoy, you deserve it so much x

  2. I'd been wondering how you've been. I thought to myself, she's got new lungs and a lot of living to catch up on, she has no time sitting idle at a computer! It sounds like you are doing amazing, aside from a little glitch now and then. I had to laugh when I read that practically everyone had left clinic and forgot you. My daughter has wondered that a time or two when it's 5:00 and shes not seen the doctor yet and no ones popped their head in in a while. Glad the doc came back! You look wonderful, keep up the hard work! I hope you get some relief from the bloating. cant wait to hear your surprise.

  3. Tak you for your lovely comments! :)