Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Archie has arrived!


I didn't leave it long this time! 

So we took part in the cake bake! And I mean we went all out!! We was so determined to win and not gonna I thought we would have it in the bag with this one! 
So we made the lungs cake, a rabbit cake and some ice cream cone cupcakes! 

So we were pretty excited to take them to Harefield and enter them into the competition! 

We arrived and dropped off the cakes. Then went to clinic for bloods and to sign in. 
Was a very sociable clinic, a lot of familiar faces so spent most of the day chatting to everyone and meeting new people! 

We then had bloods and went off to see who won the comp and see the mayor of Hillingdon. 

Well we walked into the concert hall and looked at the cakes and thought FUCK lol were defo weren't winning this one!! The turn out was amazing! In all honesty I didn't think people would bother much, maybe just a few cupcakes or something...well how wrong was I!! 
So as you can see we were up against pros! 

Anyways we didn't win, or come second or third, but what's the saying it's not about the winning its the taking part that counts!! 

Bollocks it's about the winning haha. 
But they sold the cakes after and our lungs went down a treat so I'm pleased and hopefully it raised a good bit of money towards the icu department! :) 
And that is important to me! 

So Archie has arrived and is now 9 weeks old! Mason was terrified of him at first but is now warming to him! And playing nicely here are some gorgeous piccys 

That's all for this blog xx

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