Monday, 9 May 2016

Strawfie/CF WEEK 9th-15th May

Right so I think it's important that I mention this week is cf week. First a little catch up over last few days! 

So Saturday was one of my first achievements fitness ish wise! I took part in a color obstacle run at Windsor race course! It was a 5k run/obstacle. 

I done it along with Veronica who also is post transplant and Holly! 

Here some piccys 

Those photos were all pre, we weren't able to take phones around as the powder paint would ruin them! 
These were the pics after, we were covered in paint but had lots of fun! It was such a lovely day for it, was so lucky with the weather! 
Veronica was beaten! So we had a naughty massive MC Donald's after to celebrate ha

When I got home I had to bath, the paint had managed to find itself in every gap and I mean EVERY gap possible haha I had blue boobs which looked interesting! 

So that brings me to today! The start of Cystic  Fibrosis Week for the UK 
I done a brief radio interview this morning for BBC Radio Surrey. I was so nervous but was ok, I don't think I done too badly for a first timer! 

So something we had been doing prior to this to try raise awareness for cf is the #strawfie challenge! 

Myself and Veronica done a little photoshoot to try raise awareness for CF and have been saving the pics for this week/month! 
Some were a bit daring and I was a bit embarrassed to do them but it's all for a good cause and to show the efforts of CF, everyone thinks it's a invisible illness, which most of the time it is, however it takes its toll after having many procedures , we all want the perfect body imagine and to feel and look like Victoria secret models! But unfortunately that isn't the case for us! 
Don't get me wrong I feel very lucky I think I have got off lightly compared to a lot of cf girls/boys but I want everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin! 


Right so that's enough of my naked self! The article got into the mirror Which I was so cringed about at first thinking oh god now people have seen me practically naked! What a slut! Haha but I've had a lot of people praise me for being brave and it's more awareness so I'm just going to focus on that and not that I'm a slut haha

So please get involved with the strawfie challenge. Take a strawfie (selfie) share it on social media, don't forget to hashtag #strawfie and nominate your friends to join in! If you can donate that would be fantastic, even £1 will go along way! All you need to do is text BWCF64 then your amount £1/£2/£5 to 70070 and the money will go directly to the CF TRUST alternatively you can go onto the CF TRUST website and donate online at www.cftrust.org.uk 

By the end of this week/month we want everyone to be talking about CF!! 

Love love xx