Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Interesting weekend!

So Last weekend myself and Veronica done a little talk on organ donation and promoted our charity LLGL. 
We visited a school in Crawley which Veronica was originally doing a talk for to help the new lot of "helpers" who will be visiting Lourdes this year! 
But to combine her talk she added about having cystic fibrosis and being there before and how it helped her to then taking about her transplant to then obviously lead on to organ donation and the charity, this is why I came along to help with that part! 

Well I flopped! Major flopped, when it came to my time to speak, I just bloody froze! Like seriously froze didn't have a bloody clue what to say, all I had to do was talk about myself, which isn't normally an issue! Haha but nope apparently I have never had a transplant and no boring about it all! 

So embarrassing and so frustrating! 
I was kicking myself after! Shit bloody advocate I am! But it's made me more proactive now to get use to these environments and talks! I want to feel confident and comfortable doing them, not stood thee like a bloody lemon! 

Anyway after the whole not saying anything, at lunch break we decided to make up for it and talk to them at there tables and tell people about the charity, the orgamites and encourage them to think about or sign up for organ donation!

It was a much better experience, gave out the cards and our cards and we were done for the day! 

We have a little YouTube channel which you can find us on SurreyCfDolls 

So after that Veronica went home and I went home got the dogs picked up my mum and sister and went over to the old orchard in Harefield for the little beer festival and to see everyone come in from there walk/bike ride which was 26 miles from the Brompton in london to Harefield! 

Was great to see everyone and two of my favourite people!! 

Andrew and Vanessa!! Both transplant patients! Andrew has new lungs, heart and kidney! (He's the greedy one!) and Vanessa double lung! 

Find it tomorrow how much money was raised for the hospital charities! But was a lovely day and found out Archie  terrified of live bands!! Bless him! 

So my next event was Monday! So I applied for ninja warrior uk!.....yes I am a weirdo! 

But I told myself I wanted to push myself, go out of my comfort zone and try new and weird/different things so I did! Basically going to post the video I made to explain it all instead of typing lol

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Orgamites- Live Life Give Life

Hey all! 

So in my last post I told you all about becoming an advocate for this brilliant charity. 

Want to get the word out more about our Orgamites! And encourage people to cover there social media with the organs of your choice and our charity name! 

Here are some of them below, I have chosen the lungs obviously because I have new lungs! 

And not forgetting those people with multiple organ transplants! 

Please feel free to copy and save these images and upload to your profile pics for Twitter/Instagram and Facebook, we want to light up social media and get the word out there and educate people on the Orgamites and Organ Donation. 

Here's some more info about your organs through the orgamites 

I hope you have found this interesting, and enjoy seeing these little characters! I am prob bias as I am part of it but I think this is a great approach to talking about organ donation and encouraging people to sign up, it's an uncomfortable subject for people who don't live in my title bubble and many others but your more likely to need an organ than to be able todonate one! 
Have a little think and if you haven't already, and want to, sign up for organ donation, it takes less than two mins, just google nhs organ donation and will take you into the site! Don't forget to tell your family, partner or friends your wishes as this is vital for if it ever happens as they have the final say!! 

Blog soon
Mucho loveo 

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Belated post!

 Omg so this blog is a bit of a catch up for a few bits and bobs, hopefully won't be too boring! 

So I am now a proud Advocate for the Amazing Charity Live Life Give Life, this charity focuses on promoting organ donation and transplant awareness, giving people more personal insights into everything, and encouraging people young and old to get talking about it and thinking about it and most importantly hoping they sign up for it! 

I Feel very passionate about organ donation for many obvious reason but not just because of myself, but I have first handidly seen how amazing it is but also how destroying it can be when someone simply can't stay alive long enough to get their chance of being helped and saved by one due to the shortness of organs from people not signing up or the families not knowing what their  loved ones wishes are! 
It is so important to not only sign up if you agree but you must have the talk with your loved ones, as if that time comes, they ultimately have the final say no matter what you have decided! 

Anyways so recently we have launched our new campaign called the #Orgamites and I LOVE IT! All about the organs we can donate and educating people about what each organ does, how it can help, how long people roughly wait for that certain organ! It's great and very friendly approach to a sometimes differcult subject, massive taboo taking about "dealth" and let's face it, it's one of the most certain things we know in life which will happen one day! But instead of being scared about it we all need to get taking about it!! 

Anyways I live in a little bubble where taking about dealth is like second nature to me! I was so lucky to have this second chance but I know I won't be here for a long time! Just know this will be the best time! And pre transplant my last years have been spent knowing I was dying and arranging my funeral plans (which I have to say would have been a wicked funeral!) so for me I am so chilled maybe too chilled as my hubby says about talking openly about it all. 

So if you want to have a little nose if I have got you wondering check out our charity website which is www.livelifegivelife.org.uk not sure if this will do a link to the page but copy and page it into Google or something. 
Also to check out the Orgamites it's www.orgamites.com
Here's me showing off our new tops which we will be selling through our charity first so look out on our pages and grab them before they all go! 

You can also follow us on Instagram at livelifegivelifeuk 
And on Twitter it is 
and if you want to go all out then also give us a cheeky like on Facebook. 
Search Live Life Give Life! 
Anymore information contact me on George.compton@livelifegivelife.org.uk
The lungs!! 

Right so some exciting news! We done it!! #TeamSprog completed the Great Strides 65 41.5 miles challenge! We prob did more miles as we got so bloody lost! 

I underestimated how differcult "walking" was ESP around surrey! So I managed to do about 8 and a bit miles! I done the highest hill section which ended at Devils punch bowl, 5.5 miles of up hill and thick sand on a warm and muggy day! I have never sweated doing exercise so I defo worked my bum off! Also to my luck when we arrived at registration at 5am my body decided it wanted to have a hypo!  Perfect timing of course!! 

The whilst doing my section of the walk with my lovely friends holly and rat! 

My body decided to have another hypo in the middle of bloody know where haha energy tablets came in handy thank god!! 
So we started our walk at 6am and all came in together around 11pm
Pitch black! It was hard and I hardly done anything compared to my amazing team! My family and amazing friends who made me so proud to have them do that for the charity and for me! 
So thank you to 
My mum! My star! 
My auntie Pam
My mums lovely friend sandy for stepping in a couple of days before! 
Gemma bless her who was limping the whole last stage but everytime you asked how she was she said I'm fine babe even though she clearly was in bits! She was a diamond and was right at the front keeping up the pace!
My incredible girl Veronica who had a double lung transplant in Feb 2015 and despite having a few health issues at the moment with her lungs she didn't let myself and importantly herself doen and completed over 6 miles (up hill)!! 

This is our just giving page would love to still get some donations in! 
Check out my JustGiving Page for Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Help me raise more! http://www.justgiving.com/Teamsprog?utm_id=27

Now I can't forget my incredible cousin Sally! 

She is a proper trooper, she was team #StruttingForSprog 
She completed the whole 40 miles! And she said to me when it for tough she just thought of all the times I was suffering and it got her through it!! She is amazing and so is her team! Her feet where in pieces after and still our a wel later! Her feet are black from blood blisters! 

Also massive thank you to the rest of the team 
Springer (Charlotte) 
Shirley (Springer mum) 
James unfortunately broke his toe the day before so he was gutted he couldn't complete it how beer him
And Aled where amazing support drivers for the team and kept them
Strong and going! 

This was a special moment, both our teams got lost at the end bit and took the same wrong turn And found each other, so although it was horrible that we added yet more miles and time onto our walk, it was the best feeling walking over the finish line together! Very emotional! And obvs we deserved that bottle of bubbles after that! 

And lastly I enjoyed dressing up all posh this week to party and bet at Royal ascot on Friday! 
I went a few years ago and loved it so I've always wanted to go back so now I'm well that's exactly what I done with the best girls! 
Didn't take me long to get into flip flops! Heels are not my friend! Sucks being so bloody short! 

So yeah that's sums up my life as simply as I can. It's my 10th month anniversary today/ yesterday by the time this is posted! 2 more down till party time! 

I have clinic tomorrow after my tax levels were a little high last week all lowered it slightly and back to check they are ok tomorrow! Will blog about that this week! Although I have my sisters prom so prob going to be a busy one! 

Love love to all 
Sprog x