Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Interesting weekend!

So Last weekend myself and Veronica done a little talk on organ donation and promoted our charity LLGL. 
We visited a school in Crawley which Veronica was originally doing a talk for to help the new lot of "helpers" who will be visiting Lourdes this year! 
But to combine her talk she added about having cystic fibrosis and being there before and how it helped her to then taking about her transplant to then obviously lead on to organ donation and the charity, this is why I came along to help with that part! 

Well I flopped! Major flopped, when it came to my time to speak, I just bloody froze! Like seriously froze didn't have a bloody clue what to say, all I had to do was talk about myself, which isn't normally an issue! Haha but nope apparently I have never had a transplant and no boring about it all! 

So embarrassing and so frustrating! 
I was kicking myself after! Shit bloody advocate I am! But it's made me more proactive now to get use to these environments and talks! I want to feel confident and comfortable doing them, not stood thee like a bloody lemon! 

Anyway after the whole not saying anything, at lunch break we decided to make up for it and talk to them at there tables and tell people about the charity, the orgamites and encourage them to think about or sign up for organ donation!

It was a much better experience, gave out the cards and our cards and we were done for the day! 

We have a little YouTube channel which you can find us on SurreyCfDolls 

So after that Veronica went home and I went home got the dogs picked up my mum and sister and went over to the old orchard in Harefield for the little beer festival and to see everyone come in from there walk/bike ride which was 26 miles from the Brompton in london to Harefield! 

Was great to see everyone and two of my favourite people!! 

Andrew and Vanessa!! Both transplant patients! Andrew has new lungs, heart and kidney! (He's the greedy one!) and Vanessa double lung! 

Find it tomorrow how much money was raised for the hospital charities! But was a lovely day and found out Archie  terrified of live bands!! Bless him! 

So my next event was Monday! So I applied for ninja warrior uk!.....yes I am a weirdo! 

But I told myself I wanted to push myself, go out of my comfort zone and try new and weird/different things so I did! Basically going to post the video I made to explain it all instead of typing lol

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