Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Orgamites- Live Life Give Life

Hey all! 

So in my last post I told you all about becoming an advocate for this brilliant charity. 

Want to get the word out more about our Orgamites! And encourage people to cover there social media with the organs of your choice and our charity name! 

Here are some of them below, I have chosen the lungs obviously because I have new lungs! 

And not forgetting those people with multiple organ transplants! 

Please feel free to copy and save these images and upload to your profile pics for Twitter/Instagram and Facebook, we want to light up social media and get the word out there and educate people on the Orgamites and Organ Donation. 

Here's some more info about your organs through the orgamites 

I hope you have found this interesting, and enjoy seeing these little characters! I am prob bias as I am part of it but I think this is a great approach to talking about organ donation and encouraging people to sign up, it's an uncomfortable subject for people who don't live in my title bubble and many others but your more likely to need an organ than to be able todonate one! 
Have a little think and if you haven't already, and want to, sign up for organ donation, it takes less than two mins, just google nhs organ donation and will take you into the site! Don't forget to tell your family, partner or friends your wishes as this is vital for if it ever happens as they have the final say!! 

Blog soon
Mucho loveo 

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