Sunday, 14 August 2016

Countdown to the Year! and up the O2!

This is a brighter happier post from my last one, although Robbie has been on my mind so much and I've just turned my sadness into so much angry about it all which I shouldn't really but I can't help it. I seem to get moments of pure weakness and break down, but overall the anger is strong! Just totally don't think the situation was dealt with in the right way!! Anyways I'm not going to go all Debbie downer on this blog! 

So it's been so weird this past week, looking at my "memory" bits that pop up on Facebook from a year ago! And like I thought I missed so many lovely messages and comments from people and the support was incredible! 

I've taken some screen shots of a few of the messages on some of the days and post from myself or family! 
I can't even imagine what they must have all been going through!

Il try do it in order! 

So that brings me to the 14th August last year, waiting, struggling, wondering if I had much fight left and seeing others around me trying to be positive but slowly breaking!! 

....to this year on the 14th August!! I feel incredible and along with my friends who are both transplantees Aswell we climbed the o2 in Greenwich, London!! I done an interview for London Live in the week, was for this climb and raising awareness for LLGL charity and Organ Donation! Il post the link if I can. 

That little blue strip is what we walked over, very bouncy! And the first part was so steep! 

We celebrated with a cheeky cocktail in tgi! And Obvs some food too! Ha 

This week is the official countdown now till the 19th and I will be spending the week organising last minutes bits for my party on Saturday which in so excited for! 

More blogs to follow in the next coming week or two!! And we have lots of adventures now planned!! 


  1. Woo my message made the cut haha! ;) So proud of you George, you've just been incredible!!! Enjoy your party beautiful. Here's to many, many more years xxxx

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