Tuesday, 22 November 2016


So so behind 

This blog is such a belated one, life has been so crazy busy I haven't even had time to sit down and blog and I do love a bit of blogging. 

So since my last lifetime ago blog SOOOOO much has happened. 

•I am now a Trustee for the charity Live Life Give Life (LLGL)

•I had an amazing Holiday in Spain. 

•I've been in and out of hospital twice! 

•Had a lovely wedding anniversary and •Celebrating lee birthday in a chocolate hotel! 

•And had a girly weekend in Dublin!! 

One of the sad things though have been loosing close friends, so as you know from my last blog I lost a good and close CF friend Robbie, then I sadly lost a friend Joanna and now a massive loss which I still don't think has hit me yet a great friend Andrew has been taken from this world after 6 false alarms for a transplant and taken off the list a few times due to being too unwell and then sadly died because of too many bleeds to the lung! 

I don't really know how I feel about it all yet  I just know he is a massive loss to me and it makes me even more passionate about campaigning for more awareness and educating people about organ donation! 

Things have to change and all of these friends of mine could have been saved 

So tomorrow I am attending the funeral in Leeds, which breaks my heart, I never got the chance to meet Andrew as we cannot mix pre cf with post transplant or any cfs pre tx . And we always said we would have a good piss up once he got his new lungs...but sadly this will never be the case and it breaks my heart.

A few weeks ago whilst out shopping for xmas pressys I saw this little Star Wars thing and Andrew loved it so I brought it for him for a card and was on an envelope at home waiting to send off just needed the address, once I got the address I was busy and was meaning to send it...but now it's too late and sadly Andrew never got my gift! :( 

Andrew had a great outlook on life and basically said what we all thought but would never say out loud! I think this is why so many people loved him, however he was marmite! But the thing with Andrew was, he was so intelligent, he was so witty but he talked so much sense! He was passionate about organ donation and encouraging people to do more and help the cf trust, yet he never understood why people would only do this when someone would die, or suddenly get ill. He aaa very much an atheists and believed in science he would always say things to ruffle feathers but this is what made him stand out and be someone so special someone who wasn't fake, or tried please anyone, he was his own person!! 

Tomorrow I'm going to pray for him and he will be calling me an absolute c%*t where ever we go! I'm joking that's not my thing but I will be celebrating the life of a great man who made a difference and a mark on my life! 

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