Tuesday, 18 April 2017

New boobs 

I feel the need to blog as it has been forever and I'm hoping by sharing this part of my journey/life that people will understand and won't judge me on vanity! To be honest even if you do, I done what I did for me and to make me happy, because let's face it that's the most important thing in life is to be happy! 

I also want to help others in my situation! 

So 4 weeks ago I underwent breast augmentation! 

Now automatically people will think, so shallow, wants to get her boobs out show off etc etc! And don't get me wrong I love them and love showing them off now!

But to get to this point I spent the last 15 months being so unhappy with my boobs! 

Now I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but before my transplant I had great boobs! Perky! Great size for my little frame! In the right position! It was one of the things I was proud of! 

But not so much post transplant. I'm not sure what happened! The most important thing was my life was saved of course, but they were left a completely different shape, size, position most importantly! And quite frankly once I recovered,I was devastated by it! I felt so unattractive, my little perky perfect boobs had turned in to old granny's boobs which had somehow had an argument with each other and majorly gone south!

Now there's lots of issues post transplant that I feel and find we cannot openly express or people feel they can't talk about them without being judged! I don't give two fucks, it's life these are real issues and yes they bother us woman! We have dodgy boobs and get fat after tx! 

The only good thing body wise is I have a bum now but even that needs to be worked on or I get something called cellulite which I've managed to escape 25 years of my life until transplant. 

People reading this must think what a brat, you have new lungs you can breathe be thankful, and my god! I wouldn't change any of this for my life before because yes I can breathe I'm alive and my life is incredible, but why be penalised for feeling like this! If I was a normal woman with issues no1 would think twice! But because I've had a transplant I shouldn't be able to complain and the comments are always "just be thankful your alive" but what be alive and feel miserable...NO! 

so I'm proud to say yes I got my boobs done, and yeah I will show them off because I can breathe and I can feel or try feel sexy again! 

And I want to help others. Just because you've had this second chance it's doesn't mean you shouldn't feel bad about complaining, also I found it so hard to find a surgeon willing to perform the op on me! But after a few consultations, I found a man! Well he found me after I put a plea out on a plastic surgeons forum! And I had it done at Spire Portsmouth Hospital! 

Thanks to harefield both my consultants were so supportive and gave them all the information they needed and the hospital was great! 

So if anyone feels the same and is having the same issue don't hesitate to contact me! 

The only thing was I did have to pay! I could have tried to get it done on Nhs but you don't know what it will be like and it's not easy and I'd spent so long feeling like this I just wanted them done quickly! 

So the surgery itself was easy! I mean I've had a transplant so a few silicone boobs whacked inside me is nothing! And it really was, I came down after the op smiling!

So the plan was, to have teardrop implants to make them look natural, have a size 415cc however, as it's me nothing goes to plan in surgery! 

I was told the day after, during surgery where he would make pockets to fill the implants into, I already had pockets from my transplant, so he had to make a decision to give me round implants a slightly bigger size to fill the space, also because of that I couldn't have the teardrops as more likely to turn!! (Wouldn't be a good look!) I was happy they made me feel better and anything was better than before! 

Anyways so I'm really happy now with them, just need to work on my weight and stop eating everything in sight and get back to the gym as since boob job I've been out but time to get my arse back into gear... literally!!

Here's so pre and post transplant pics! There still healing now but I think Ive gone from a 32C to a 32G 


  1. Omg how could you even mention the NHS after you have already received something so priceless from them. You seemed such a nice girl in your blogs before your transplant it's a shame your new tits have changed you.

    1. If you have nothing nice to say i suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. She didn't say anything bad about the NHS and George appreciates everything that they have done for her, she paid for her boobs instead of claiming depression and getting free unnecessary surgery!! I pray you are never in her position or have the need to rely on the NHS. George is a lovely, strong, beautiful and caring person!!

  2. I am sorry if you have taken offense to my comment but as you just said 'unnecessary' surgery is exactly what it looks like. It is hard to comprehend how after having a transplant you would have implants when your body is coping with new lungs. I struggle to understand if not for vanity reasons why you would choose implants when you could have a reduction and uplift. If it was done not for vanity why promote it?

  3. If you don't agree like this blog or myself why bother commenting, wasting your time and you sound petty! But thanks for reading have a nice day! X

  4. If you do not like real people's opinions you shouldn't have your blog open to public. I am not petty I am thoughtful to your body and your donors family.

  5. You have no idea about the psychological implications of having firstly being born and living with a life threatening disease secondly dying and lastly having a transplant! You are entitled to your opinion and having a blog does make you open to criticism however i just think unless you are in the exact same situation you have no right to judge nor is your negative comments necessary. What is unnecessary to you may may extremely necessary to another. Think before you speak

  6. if your even the slightest bit thoughtful you wouldn't comment! So please move along, and do not bring my donor into this, I had full support from her daughters so don't judge before you know!

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  8. It's not nice to be attacked is it? You were quick to attack and judge my friend George! Yeh you're entitled to an opinion but you don't need to hate saying she's changed, you don't even know her. I pray you don't reach end stage CF nor need a transplant because it's awful! But just because you have CF or know someone whose had a transplant doesn't mean you know what being post transplant feels like. You don't know the implications of it all! No it isn't about you, it's about George's journey and as a woman I completely support her decision to fix something that transplant effected! And her bravery in sharing such an emotional decision

  9. Hi George! Way to go on the new tatas! Don't listen to the haters, there is no reason that you shouldn't be able to do something for yourself just because you've had a tx! Personally, I think that you of all people deserve to live life to the fullest, and if new boobies makes you happy, then I'm glad you got them. And I think posting and being open about it is hella courageous! So enjoy your new figure, and to hell with the haters! 😁

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