Friday, 11 May 2018

Happy George almost..

Yes that’s right you read it properly, happy george is back and it’s taken a while and more drugs but I feel almost like myself lately! Which is happy, positive and full of life! 

So my last blog was about my pre assessment the fundo op- still waiting for a date so no change there! 

So one thing which set me back a bit was about 4 weeks ago after having the best hen weekend away with new friends, I found out that I would no longer be getting DLA/Pip - which means no more Car for me and my £300 a month. 

I’ve had this since I was 9 years old and although I know my life is better now and I’ve had a transplant, you get so use to having the money and Car it’s a shock when it is taken from you! 

So now it’s car shopping for me! Bit of a snob I’m
Use to brand new cars so going to have to enter the real world and get a second hand Car! Also now I’m going to have to work! Which worry’s me a bit as I get so exhausted still post transplant, but on the flip side it should help with my depression and meeting new people etc (even though the people I already know are amazing enough) 

I want to go into reception Work, well that’s what I have been applying for! I’d love to work in the nhs (I know mad) but I’m so use to that environment it’s where I feel my strongest. 

Today I had a job interview with a dentist, should hear back next week but I’m not getting my hopes up at all, the hours are perfect though!  So fingers crossed! 

I also start a Saturday job in Putney at an estate agents tomorrow only 10-2 great hours with good pay! Thanks to my wonderful friend Sophie’s hubby for getting that for me! But nervous tonight about it but fuck it let’s see what happens and just going to enjoy every moment! 

Then after that tomorrow it’s my friend Sophie’s belated 30th so time to get boozey and celebrate! And my lovely friend Simon has escaped Harefield  Hospital after a really tough emotional 5 weeks! So cannot wait to celebrate that! 

Still fat if your wondering if I’ve lost weight recently...nope and given up on all diets, I just fucking love food! Skinny old me is hidden in this chubby body trying to reappear....then I see doughnuts and she’s a gonna haha 

Also so proud of my little sister passing her driving test today! Although I think il be avoiding her driving route for my own safety!! 

Also to add, after looking through some emails today I found out that I had been listed and I quote  

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog The Sprog's Life has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 75 Cystic Fibrosis Blogs on the web.” 

I came 25th out of 75 which I don’t think was too bad going! 
So I will be trying to add the little badge to my blog once I get onto a computer! 

And lastly will a deep heart I have decided to step away from the charity for a while, as much as I love my role in the charity, it’s time for a break, I haven’t had the heart to put in the time and effort for what is needed at the moment and need time to find myself and concentrate will what I need to do now, it was putting stress on me I didn’t need, I do hope to return In the future when I am in a better place, it doesn’t mean I won’t support the charity and other organisations and of course organ donation, it’s just time to look after me. They will always be my passion and will promote anyway I can still. 
And wanted to say thank to all the team pre post and present for helping me learn so much, meeting some fantastic, inspirational people and given me the opportunity to do things I’d never been able to before. 

Thanks all from me and blogging hopefully not for too long! 

Love to all