Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Herbalife starts

So I’m buzzing for this! 
Yes I have jumped on the bandwagon but it’s working so fuck all of you judgemental people! 

Yes I’ve started using Herbalife to loose weight and feel better! And I feel very positive after my first 5 days! I’ve lost almost 1kg and I’ve had take away curry’s with all the nann bread and rice included with extra sauce. So almost 1kg is good and I’m happy with that! 

I’m so on it now though I need that thin sexy body back but with a few curves now to go with it! I’m trying to go to the gym more but feeling quite weak but still going! Trying to run but leg on one side fills with pressure not sure what that’s about but not giving up! 

So this Herbalife  is not only helping my weight but also my tummy issues to which have been a mess really since my transplant! But since having this no bloating and no bad tummy’s (unless I have a cheat day then I pay for it) 
So for this in the first week I’m so happy about it all, I just feel so good! 

Going to keep a record of it all and progress! Things needed to change and now is the time to kick my arse into gear! 

So I have a shake in the morning which is 300mls of cold water, 4 ice cubes then two scoops of vanilla protein drink mix on first, then 2 scoops of tropical flavour formula 1 meal replacement. 
Blend all together in my ninja, and then pour into a glass then that’s breakfast done. 

I do the same for lunch. Depending if I’m in or out or I can take it with me. 

And then dinner il have chicken and broccoli sometimes with cous cous, rice or a few mini potatoes. 

Then I drink the aloe Vera drink throughout the day with lots of water to keep me hydrated as that’s my only fluids I have now as no fizzy drinks or juices. 

I also have a herbal tea But not a tea person but you can have it cold not tried it like that yet! 

And today I have brought oat apple fibre powder to mix either into my shakes or on its own with water to help cut out the fat I might eat. 

It’s all so exciting and love it! And I can’t wait to see how I look and feel in a few months time if I’m this happy after 5 days! 

Job hunting has been less successful! Got knocked down by not getting the last job at the gp but onwards and upwards and more applying tonight! 

That’s all update with more in a week or so! Wish me good luck oh and ascot next week whoop x

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