Saturday, 28 July 2018

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Flash back, new job and holiday chit chat

Hi all to whoever still looks at these posts or bothers to read anymore! 

I know my blog is no way as interesting and intense as it used to be! 

So I don’t know if I mentioned in my blog before my mum has been working at Harefield (my transplant hospital) at front reception! 

Well she has loved it there and met some wonderful people and seen the other side to the amazing hospital that saved my life numerous times back in 2015! 

But it hasn’t all been plane sailing and due to some troll and I know this is not nice of me to call someone that but that’s how I view this person is a troll she has been a big part in my mums decision to leave! 

I’m not going to go into detail about this woman not give her the time of day but she’s an awful jealous human being and if I see her when I go up there and come face to face to her I don’t know if I’ll be able to bite my tongue! I’m protective of my mum and my family and anyone who does them wrong in my eyes or says nasty things about them has no respect from me and can’t bite my tongue on my feelings! 

I’m not an aggressive person AT ALL! But sometimes things need to be said 

Anyway! Mum is at a point in her life where she doesn’t need the agg of some childish bullying behaviour so has quietly chosen to find a new job who obviously wanted her and will be starting soon! 

Last night was her last shift and I decided to surprise her and spend it with her! It was very quiet and very hot and we talked and laughed and cried lots! 

We started reading over my blog posts from this time 3 years ago when everything was going wrong and we didn’t know what was going to be the outcome, my mum took over my blogging whilst I was in icu and parts of Rowan Ward as I was simple not stable to write or Sedated so I couldn’t. 

Reading back we both laughed and cried, I forgot so much of the emotions and that fighting spirit I had, even in the toughest time of my life I was so positive and strong and knew I would get through it! I admire that girl because I feel I have lost her a bit and by reading that it made me so upset that I crave her back! 

So as we sat there crying, laughing and reading together it brought back that bond we have and we will never loose, my mum and lee are my rocks and always will be! There stuck together as a team when I needed them the most and I am forever grateful for them for that! 

So we ordered food to reception, I visited my lovely friend Simon who has been on rowan ward at the moment and brought him food to fatten him up too! 

And we had fans in all directions as the reception was a hot box! And that was our lovely night together and no matter what happens in the future at Harefield it is one of those nights that will be cherished as a good memory of Harefield with mum and I together. 

So to me! 

I finally got a job! I mean it had to happen eventually someone had to have me and put up with me! 

I had an interview two weeks ago when I got back from my lovely holiday in duquesa which I will share some pics with you at the end! 

I had two interviews that Friday and I was offered the job I have gone for on the spot. 

So this is a job I never thought I would or could imagine myself doing but I walked in, spoke to the manager met the residents and fell in love! 

So I will be a care assistant In a care home which specialises in dementia residents, I don’t want to say patients because the home is a lovely home and nothing like a hospital or ward or anything like that which you would normally expect from a nursing home! 

The great thing about it is it’s literally a 2-5 mins walk from my house and I just love the vibe there. 

The residents can have their rooms painted however they like, whatever they want (within reason) they can have to make them feel better and more at ease! And I want to learn more about dementia! 

So that is very exciting, just have to wait for a DBS check to come through as I done that last week and could take up to 3 months to come back but hopefully not that long! 

I loose my car this month and thankfully my father in law has wonderfully given me a car as a present so I am not going without! Very lucky to have special family like I do! So good bye Motability car the scheme has been great and so helpful! Still wish I could get it but that’s the way the government is now! I knew this day would come! 

So I had a wonderful holiday in duquesa for my birthday! It was so chilled and relaxed and spent it with my mum, auntie and uncle and lee tried to get out for the weekend but it just didn’t happen with work and flights etc. 

Also this weekend just gone I went to the Farnborough air show which was great fun! Bit disappointed with the red arrows as no display just a fly over but never mind! Then had a lovely meal in Chertsey that evening. 

I’ve had some exciting stuff happen at the moment that I can’t share due to legal reasons but you’ll know if it all happens and if not then I can share with you all on here about a interesting and wonderful experience! 

That’s all for now! I will leave you with some holiday photos and mega holiday blues moments I’m having because of them! Get me back to Spain!